(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liu Qing, around 30 years old, is a resident of Santaizi Township, Wafangdian City in Liaoning Province. He is well known in the village as a person of good character. On July 9, 2007, he was arrested by officers from Gongji Police Station, Wafangdian City, when he was working. On February 20, 2008, Director Wang Yanming of the Second Ward of the Second Section of the First Men's Forced Labor Camp took Mr. Liu Qing to the instructor's office to be tortured.

Those present in the room included: Director of the Second Section Gao Zhongzhi (male), Director of Watching and Teaching Section Pan Hongzhou (male), clerical worker Yu (gender and first name unknown), office staff member Li Zhen (male), Director of the Third Ward Li Meng (male), Section Director Chen (first name and gender unknown), and Sewing Machine Group Leader Yang (first name and gender unknown).

Pan Hongzhou had Li Zhen bind Mr. Liu Qing's hands behind his back and then hit Mr. Liu on the head and body with three electric batons. Mr. Liu cried out, "Falun Dafa is good!" They held Mr. Liu's arms and hit him in the mouth and face with electric batons. Mr. Liu continued to cry out, "Falun Dafa is good!" Pan Hongzhou stuffed Mr. Liu's mouth with a plastic bag and then beat Mr. Liu's head and eyes until the electric baton ran out of power. The police then went to the Third Section of the labor camp to borrow another two batons. When they returned, they took off Mr. Liu's pants. Pan beat Mr. Liu's lower legs, thighs, back, genitals, abdomen, neck, and head continuously from the feet upwards with the electric baton. He repeated this another five times, which lasted about an hour. After the torture Mr. Liu's lip was split and his face was disfigured. He had difficulty speaking and even acquaintances could not recognize him. He has still not recovered.

Also arrested with Mr. Liu Qing was the boss of the store where Mr. Liu worked, Mr. Cui Dejun, and his wife, Ms. Gao Zhuo. Seven other employee were also arrested. Mr. Cui and Ms. Gao were each sentenced to two years of forced labor. The others were sentenced to one-and-a-half years of forced labor. Currently, all of them are being tortured in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Cui's 12-year-old daughter, Cui Hongmeng, has to stay with relatives. Since May 2007, over ten practitioners have been illegally arrested, detained, and sentenced to forced labor in Wafangdian City, including Mr. Wang Xiaofei, Mr. Sun Maoji, Ms. Li Ying, Mr. Yu Chunbo, Mr. Ying Shifeng, and others.

On the night of March 21, 2008, police from Fude Station in Wafangdian City arrested Mr. Li Guanghe, a 50-year-old resident living in Guangming Community, Wafangdian City. The same night, at around 10:20 p.m., police attempted to ransack his house but they had no any legal papers, and he and his family firmly refused to let the police carry on. Mr. Li Guanghe denied them the opportunity to take him away immediately and refused to sign any papers. The officer even tried to force Mr. Li's wife to sign a fabricated written record, but she refused. They even cajoled and threatened their son to sign the paper. Afterward, Mr. Li Gunghe was taken to a prison and tortured.

April 5, 2008