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8. Master's protection (continued)

The following was my second experience of something wanting to take my life away. One night around midnight, my mom called me to get up to send righteous thoughts. After I responded to her that I would do it, I fell asleep again with a muddled mind. In my dream, I walked into a very big hall; it looked like a church. It was completely dark inside. I felt a little scared. A waft of dismal wind suddenly blew in my direction; I shivered because of the sudden cold. Immediately after this, many female ghosts appeared, and they shouted that they would kill me. I hurriedly sat down with my legs double-crossed and started to send righteous thoughts. Seeing this, the ghosts laughed madly as they quickly approached me.

They continuously penetrated my body; it was extremely painful. I loudly recited the formula, "Fa Zhen Qian Kun, Xie Er Quan Mie." ("The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated.") I then saw a beam of light coming from heaven, and many heavenly soldiers came down. The leader of the soldiers was Sun Wukong (Monkey King). I felt elated, thinking, "You were so frenzied. Now you are finished." However, Sun Wukong came to me and asked why I had called them. I said, "To eliminate the evil!" Sun said, "Besides you and us, there is nothing else that we have seen." I felt anxious, saying, "Can't you see the ghosts?" They said, "Besides these tables and chairs, we can see nothing." After they finished speaking, Sun Wukong led the heavenly soldiers and left.

I was in despair. The ghosts mocked me, and they got very excited. I thought that the ghosts would certainly be afraid of sunlight; so everything would be fine once I opened the door and let some sunlight in. The ghosts seemed to know my thought; so they opened the door for me, saying that I could see outside myself. I looked outside and felt surprised. I found that outside the hall, there were many people walking back and forth. However, the sky was as dark as sundown. The ghosts said that there was no sun at all. I suddenly came to enlighten that this was my world. Because I have not been diligent, my world had become so dark. I felt so sad that I did not even have the thought of sending righteous thoughts, so I let the ghosts freely go though my body back and forth.

One of the ghosts asked, "Why don't you clarify the truth?" I said in an unclear voice, "I am afraid that I would get arrested." The ghosts all started to mock me, "Why is it that other Dafa disciples are not afraid? Their worlds radiate with light and are very bright. We don't dare go there." Hearing this, I knelt on the floor with regret. Even my throat was filled up with the demons. The demons in the surroundings laughed at me loudly, "See how elated you were when you sent righteous thoughts a moment ago. Now you are not so tough anymore." I said with much difficulty, "I do not care if I am tough or not!" They asked me unanimously, "What do you wish?" I said without hesitation, "I only want the sentient beings to be safe!"

Immediately after I said these words, I heard numerous sighs coming from my surroundings. Then the darkness started to disappear. It looked like the surface of the wall was falling away, piece by piece, and beams of soft light came in. It turned out that the surrounding walls were not real. They were hollow. The walls had been filled up with some black, sticky things that made the hall so dark. The sighs that I had heard a moment ago caused vibrations, which made these dirty things fall off. Only then could I see things clearly. The demons started to become panicky. A spot of light appeared in front of me and got bigger and bigger. I found that the light was not the soft light from the outside; it was a dazzling golden light. Wherever the light went, the evil would be instantly eliminated. Immediately after this, a very familiar and compassionate figure appeared inside the light. Once I saw the image, I cried out loudly. I knew that Master had come to save me, again.

As Master's image became clearer and clearer, I saw that there were also several others with Master. It seemed that they did not like the dirtiness and were unwilling to come in. Master looked at the surroundings with sorrow. Master then started to remove the dust and spider webs with his hands. I felt extremely regretful; I felt ashamed to see Master. I then woke up. After I woke up, I hurriedly went to look at that hall using my Third Eye, and I saw that a huge hand was eliminating those dirty things. My tears fell again. I was so lousy, but Master was so compassionate to me!

9. Using Righteous Thoughts When the Physical Body is Persecuted

When we have big loopholes, or when we fail to cultivate diligently for a long time, it seems obvious to me that we would be able to feel evil beings attacking our bodies. This would likely occur most in the areas of our bodies where we previously had illness. Many practitioners experiencing this may have felt that it was the elimination of illness karma, and that they would be able to pull through by enduring it. As a matter of fact, because the Fa-rectification has already reached the last stage, it should be rare that we still encounter the situation of eliminating illness karma (except for new practitioners). In most cases, our physical sufferings are caused by those evil, rotten demons.

Because I did not try hard to clarify the truth to people, I often experienced a sore throat. I understand that this is a reflection of the persecution brought against me by evil forces in other dimensions. When I failed to study the Fa for two days, I would cough continuously. However, once I sent righteous thoughts, the symptoms would disappear.

It seems that the evil forces spare no opportunity to make trouble. I once had a fever, and my temperature was as high as 39.5 0C (103 0F). My grandmother was scared and urged me to take medicine. I clearly knew that evil forces were persecuting me; so I started to send righteous thoughts. Because I could see how many evil beings existed there, I would not stop sending righteous thoughts if the evil had not been completely eliminated. In this way, I sent strong righteous thoughts while I determinedly refused to acknowledge the evil persecution. In half an hour, the evil beings were eliminated and my dimensional fields were bright again. I had broken out in a sweat. I took my temperature again, and it was normal. I showed the thermometer to my grandmother, who used to oppose my practice of Falun Gong. She became silent. I knew that her mind had changed.

Around the Chinese New Year, I overlooked my Fa study because I had been busy doing housework. As a result, when I got up to practice the exercises the morning of Chinese New Year's eve, I felt dizzy and my hands and feet were very cold. I touched my forehead, and it was very hot, typical of a severe cold. I did not pay much attention to it and continued to practice the exercises. I fainted just when I started to do the second set of exercises. I laid down on the bed; my teeth kept chattering as I shivered. I wanted to sleep for a while, but I remembered that this was absolutely due to persecution by the evil. So I immediately got up and started to send righteous thoughts. I could see with my Third Eye that the evil beings were so numerous that I could not see the end of them. Regardless of how hard I sent righteous thoughts, the things just kept coming, and I could not see that they became fewer. I did not want to give up. If one hour was not enough, then I would send righteous thoughts for two hours. If two hours were not enough, then I would continue. If the evil beings were not completely eliminated, I would not stop. I sent righteous thoughts for as long as forty minutes every hour.

In the evening, the number of evil beings became fewer and fewer. My body also became more and more relieved. However, I did not slack off on my sending righteous thoughts; I kept doing it until all the evil beings were gone. By the next morning, I had completely recovered; my family members were all surprised. They all believed that sending righteous thoughts could make one's health better. (This was their ordinary people's understanding.) Of course, besides sending righteous thoughts, I also normally studied the Fa at other times. Furthermore, I had determinedly negated all the evil that wanted to take advantage of the loopholes and persecute me. After the Chinese New Year was over, some fellow practitioners came to my house to offer New Year greetings. I learned that they had also been persecuted to different degrees during the New Year holiday. Although some of them could realize that this was due to persecution rather than the elimination of illness-karma, they had not sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. They instead had adopted the attitude of just enduring it. Consequently, they endured the persecution for longer periods of time.

What I have described here are parts of what I have seen in other dimensions. My level is limited, and many of my understandings are obtained through my personal experiences. I hope that fellow practitioners are not limited by my personal understandings.