(Clearwisdom.net) Our village is quite big and populous. On New Year's Eve, while her husband and children honored their ancestors, one Falun Dafa practitioner in her 60s left her home, bringing with her a plastic bucket full of truth-clarifying banners, each with glue on the back. She pasted the banners one by one at eye-catching locations. The security guards did not even notice her. Occasionally, when motorcycles passed by, she put down the bucket and stood for a while. Once each motorcycle passed, she continued posting banners. When all the banners were posted, she went home in great delight.

At home, everyone had finished eating dinner and was chatting. She just started eating. Later, some guests arrived and stayed until 11:00 p.m. She thought to herself, "Tonight is a good opportunity to post the banners, as nobody is noticing anything." She then took more banners and went out again. When she finished posting them, she was very happy.

When the old lady returned home, her daughter whispered to her, "Just now, Dad asked me where you were going at such a late hour and what you were doing. I told him that you were sending off the guests."

Just then she remembered, "There is still one spot where I did not post banners, but I have run out of banners. What should I do?" So she started making more banners. When she was done, it was already close to 2:30 a.m. She wanted to sleep but was worried that she would not rise in time for the early morning practice. She decided that she would not sleep. She read the Fa for a while and then reviewed some truth-clarifying materials. After morning practice, she took her plastic bucket and went out again, sending forth righteous thoughts along the way.

She quietly posted all the truth-clarifying banners she had made. When she finished and returned home, everyone was still sound asleep.

In China, whether it is New Year's Eve or the first day of the Chinese New Year, countless Falun Dafa practitioners are silently saving sentient beings; many are enduring torture in confinement and are protesting the persecution.

Looking back, the harsh winter has passed and the evil fog has dissipated. Spring has arrived, and the sails of the Fa boat are hoisted to take everyone home. Righteous energy charges through the cosmos, and sentient beings are grateful for Buddha's salvation. Dafa practitioners number in the thousands and millions. With drum beats and music, we return home with Teacher!

April 5, 2008