(Clearwisdom.net) I have recently read some articles by fellow practitioners on the Clearwisdom.net website regarding a phenomena that practitioners shared about sending forth righteous thoughts and rectifying the Fa, and also about the decline of human society. The articles made me realize that we should send forth righteous thoughts at all times, and we should give no breaks to the evil, so that the righteous energy will become stronger and stronger.

I used to send forth righteous thoughts when I was out in the everyday people's world, while walking, waiting for or riding on a bus, etc. However, I stopped doing so due to some habits developed from my everyday life. I noticed that when I was doing that, I was righteous and strong, and unafraid if anything suddenly happened to me. By doing so, I was also able to discover my attachments, sentimental elements, or impure thoughts in my mind, and realized that I wasn't diligent enough.

In our daily lives, we have a lot of everyday people's stuff to do besides studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. Actually, the everyday people's environment is very filthy and full of evil elements. Thus, we should send forth righteous thoughts no matter where, and at all times.

One practitioner wrote in an article on Clearwisdom that he could see with his third eye that the sky turned clear, like "the heavens clear, the cosmic body transparent" ("After the Catastrophe," in Hong Yin) as another practitioner passed by who was sending forth righteous thoughts while riding his bike. If all of us can do this too, the places we pass by will become more and more righteous and the energy field will expand. We can "put a stop to its downward slide" ("Illuminating All," in Hong Yin II) ["it" refers to the troubled world], because we are on the righteous side and it's our responsibility to eliminate the evil, and at the same time it will be more effective in saving sentient beings because the energy field is like a buffer zone which can prepare us for sudden incidents that arise to test us.

I am a university student in my second year. Elements of lust, sentimentality and the evil Chinese Communist Party are everywhere on campus. Young people's thinking is actually quite narrow and restricted. I think I should send forth righteous thoughts everywhere and at all times, when I am walking, going to class, taking a break, or waiting for classmates. I send forth righteous thoughts when passing by corners or bulletin boards, in front of large screens, in libraries, or while reading textbooks, to strongly eliminate the CCP's evil spirits and deities interfering with Fa-Rectification. This does require persistence. If I am not diligent, I can easily begin to slack off. And I find it hard to focus, too, because since I can't cross my legs to sit in the meditation posture, I get distracted more easily this way. I think that I should cultivate more steadfastly and diligently in order to do it better.

I also enlightened that the evil spirits of the CCP are trying to hide as their number dwindles. Several societal systems may be the places they like to hide. The first one is the education system because the CCP has always poisoned students' minds, from elementary school to the university. The second system is the propaganda system including newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, books, bulletin boards, and various banners and slogans. The third system is the administrative system through which the CCP has been controlling people to commit great sins against Dafa. Finally, the fourth is the state forces including the troops, police, and special agents who assert the CCP's power, to maintain their regime. Perhaps we can focus our righteous thoughts on these places.

Additionally, I realized that I had obtained some ideas from everyday life that could be harmful in saving sentient beings. I asked Teacher to help eliminate them, and I also added one thought into the five-minute mind cleansing: "Eliminate the human elements harmful to saving sentient beings that I have obtained from ordinary person's life, and eliminate the barriers between me and sentient beings due to my unwise behaviors."

In short, I just want to try my best to save sentient beings by providing supportive environments and eliminating harmful elements.

April 5, 2008