(Clearwisdom.net) I am 37 years old and began Falun Dafa practice in 1996. Prior to that I suffered from many ailments, including cirrhosis, nephritis, migraine, arthritis, indigestion, diarrhea, gynecological problems, and insomnia. My hot temper and tendency to easily get angry and be doubtful added to my constant quarreling with my husband. I didn't get along well with his family. During my more than ten years of cultivation, I have studied the Fa and improved my character, all my illnesses have disappeared, and I have become a person at peace.

Despite the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) insane persecution that began on July 20, 1999, my belief in Master and Dafa remained firm. I revised what I said and did, to set an example for my family, so they could see how a Dafa disciple conducts herself. I was thus able to validate Dafa.

I decided to go to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa and tell people that Dafa teaches us to be kind, makes us healthy, and helps everyone in society, without doing any harm at all.

My husband and I were jobless for several years and lived a difficult existence. I used the last 115 yuan the family had left and went on the journey to Beijing.

Many security agents were mingling at the State Bureau for Letters and Calls upon my arrival. They surrounded another practitioner and me. We kept telling them that Falun Dafa was good, that Master was blameless, and that we were witnesses to that. Eventually agents from the Heilongjiang Province Liaison Office in Beijing said they understood, told us they would not detain us, and told us to return home unimpeded. We didn't have enough money for the return fare. A kindhearted person bought me a ticket.

When I arrived at home I saw the angry faces of my family. My husband slapped my face. I was sad and cried, thinking, "Even if others don't know the facts, you should, shouldn't you? I became healthy, no longer quarreled with my mother-in-law, had no conflicts with my family members, and put your needs before everything else. If I didn't practice cultivation, I might have had conflicts with everyone and might have torn up the house..." But the family nonetheless kept me under house arrest. I could not leave the house, was forbidden to visit fellow practitioners, and neither could they visit me.

I was kept at home like this for a long time, unable to study the "Fa" or practice the exercises. I was in mental agony and cried, "Master, what should I do?" At that moment, "Taking the Fa as Master" entered my mind. I knew then that I should study the Fa. How could I manage to persuade my husband to let me study the Fa and do the exercises? I had to first of all be clear in my own mind that a practitioner must not stop cultivating until consummation is achieved. I must persist in my belief, and nothing should make me stop on my cultivation path.

I spoke intelligently and reasonably with my husband. I told him that preventing me from cultivation equated to doing a bad thing, and the only proper option he had was to support my cultivation. He finally said it was alright with him but feared his father and mother would disagree. I asked him not to tell them yet, and that I would talk with them eventually.

Following that conversation I studied the Fa and did the exercises at home. Sometimes I went to a practitioner's home. My husband would accompany me and listen to our discussions. Gradually he also understood more about the Fa. I became a coordinator. My husband also wisely helped me. He accompanied me when I went out to distribute truth clarification materials.

In 2001, when the persecution was at its height, one night my husband distributed truth clarification materials to others face to face. When the recipients asked what it was, he said, "Your good fortune. Take it and read it carefully after you return home. Once you understand, luck will befall you." Someone wanted additional handouts. He said, "I will give you several copies. You can share with others and read them together. We don't have too many, and others also need to read them." People thanked him with gratitude.

I stood by, trembling with fear, barely able to stand still, with my heart beating so fast. He said calmly, "Be dignified! What are you afraid of? We are saving them. You told me that Master and the Fa were beside us. You have too much fear. You should let the fear go."

He made friends with fellow practitioners' families over the years. The families of some practitioners didn't understand them. He talked with these families and told them that Dafa made his wife become a good person, and that Dafa disciples' words and deeds were really good. These family members gradually came to understand.

At midnight before the 2002 Moon Festival, several police officers who didn't know the truth (they know now) broke into our home. I refused to cooperate with them. Eventually the police department head and deputy head arrived, with twenty other people. The deputy head put a gun to my head and demanded to know whether or not I would continue practicing, saying if the answer was affirmative he would kill me. Another police officer pointed a large gun at my husband.

I calmly faced him and said, "How dare you treat a good person like this? Are you not afraid of just punishment? Don't threaten me with death. I could not have survived this long without Dafa! Whoever treats me like this today will have to pay it back later!"

My husband knocked the police department head down, and the police chief felt himself losing face. They incarcerated me in a detention center and said they would sentence me to three years in a forced labor camp the next day. I told them that their threats were not the last word. The next day they wanted to hold my husband. A police officer who knew the truth said, "Don't aggravate him too much. Otherwise, he might dare to kill you. Don't hold him!" On the day of the Moon Festival my stomach suddenly became very large. I knew Master wanted me to enlighten to something. The police also saw this strange happening and they set me free. The righteous thoughts and deeds frightened the evildoers and made all the members of my family see how bad they were. My mother-in-law exclaimed, "My daughter-in-law was not afraid of being killed for her cultivation. No one could stop her!"

I told my family stories of practitioners' cultivating whenever I could. Once I told my mother-in-law a touching practitioner's story, reminding her, "Last time Ms. Hong was here you told her to get out of our house. When Ms. Hong was young, her mother-in-law treated her badly. The mother-in-law bought the house and took care of grandchildren for other sons' family members except for Ms. Hong's. Ms. Hong said we wouldn't care for the mother-in-law when she was old. Later her mother-in-law really had no one to take care of her. Ms. Hong's husband fetched his mother back without first telling her. Ms. Hong returned home and saw her mother-in-law's things everywhere. Ms. Hong really wanted to throw the things in the street and drive her away. On second thought, she reminded herself that as a practitioner, she could not do that, remembering that Master told us to treat everyone well and be compassionate toward others. So, her mother-in-law stayed at her home. Her mother-in-law told everyone how fortunate she was to have such a good daughter-in-law, and without her she would not have had a place to go.

I continued telling my mother-in-law about the kindness inherent in Dafa and of the righteous thought and deeds of Dafa disciples. Actually, many practitioners did very well but forgot to tell others that they were like this because they were Dafa practitioners. Several times when the authorities came to arrest me, my mother-in-law and father-in-law defied the officials. With Master's compassionate care and protection and practitioners' rescue efforts, fortified with righteous thoughts, I returned and did Fa-rectification things again.

In January 2006, I handed out copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in the countryside. Someone reported me, and I was taken to the local detention center. Police intimidated my mother-in law saying, "Your daughter-in-law made big trouble this time! She distributed copies of the Nine Commentaries." The words hadn't finished coming out of their mouths when my mother-in-law burst out, saying, "What's wrong with distributing the Nine Commentaries? She is committing neither murder nor arson. She did nothing wrong! If the CCP didn't do bad things it wouldn't be necessary for my daughter-in-law to distribute the Nine Commentaries."

My mother-in-law opened a small restaurant in 2006. One of her patrons attempted to persuade her to believe in a certain religion. My mother-in-law said that she believed in Dafa. Because the CCP propaganda had confused that person's thought processes, he said something disrespectful about Master and Dafa. My mother-in-law told him the good things I did, one by one. The person became silent, and a person next to him understood. Raising his hand he said, "I declare that Falun Gong wins. Falun Gong is good!" When I returned home, my mother-in-law told me about this occurrence. I said, "Mother, do you know that you inadvertently saved two people? You will have a happy future!"

Once a neighbor said to her, "Your daughter-in-law is nice in every respect except that she practices Falun Gong." My mother-in-law said, "You should not say that! I appreciate Falun Gong. She was not good at all before. She became good after she practiced Falun Gong, and now she treats me better than do my own daughters."

For several years, my mother-in-law has unknowingly helped many people learn the facts and has chosen a good future for herself. At a wedding ceremony, she told her family how good and how wonderful Dafa was. She said to her relatives, "If you want to practice, come to my home and my daughter-in-law will teach you."

People from the police station and from local official offices come to my home to harass me before certain sensitive dates, such as the CCP' s meetings and now the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Each time my in-laws assertively and sternly defy them.

There was one time when a one-year-old nephew was just learning to speak, and her mother brought him to me and said, "Quick, let Auntie teach you to say, 'Falun Dafa is good.'"

I often told my family when chatting with them how nice Dafa was. Once my sister-in-law said that people simply want to take advantage of others now. I told her that they probably do so unconsciously, and that practitioners would never do that. My sister-in-law replied that few people other than practitioners would act that well.

I am always happy when my family members position themselves well and choose good futures for themselves.

What I have written are only a few examples. It was not done from a desire to show how nice my family is, but to say that Dafa can correct everything that is wrong. So long as we conduct ourselves strictly and cultivate in the right way, we have sufficient power to save more sentient beings. The hardest thing in cultivation is letting go of our attachments. It would be great if we could correct our words and deeds according to Dafa, thus letting people see the sanctity and power of Dafa through us. We cultivate according to Master's Fa, and attachments are actually nothing.

March 31, 2008