On March 13, 2005 I was illegally arrested at my home by the local police and the thugs from the neighborhood committee. I was sent to the notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province where I was detained for three years.

On arriving at the forced labor camp the prison guards asked me to curse at our Teacher and sign a guarantee statement promising that I would not practice the exercises anymore. Two other practitioners and I refused to curse Teacher or sign the statement. The evildoers then began to torture us. Guards Liu Jing, Xie Jiazhou and Zhang Heng locked me up in a small cell for two days.

On March 15, Liu Jing transferred me from the small cell to a room on the first floor where there were two double beds. Head of the Division Li Mingyu and a dozen or so prison guards tied another practitioner and me with ropes onto the so-called "Dead Person's Beds." On my chest there was a one and a half inch wide seatbelt which stretched from side to side and my four limbs were stretched out and tied to the four corners of an icy-cold metal bed. I could not move at all. After that they said they would feed me to the mosquitoes that night. They said that I had "ideological problems" so they would give me "treatment." They gave me intravenous injections and force-fed me with unknown drugs every day. After the drugs I felt numb in my head and legs. I was tortured on the "Dead Person's Bed" until March 19, 2005. I requested to have meals but Team Leader Xie Jiazhou said that he went to the office to ask for permission but the request was denied because I needed to have more "treatment." The evildoers tied my four limbs up and lowered the position of my head without giving me anything to use as a pillow. They force-fed me with drugs twice a day.

The other practitioner who was tied to the "Dead Person's Bed" was transferred to another room after being tortured for a day. I was tied to the "Dead Person's Bed" day and night. I even had to relieve myself on the bed. (There was a hole in the middle of the bed.) Two male team leaders (Gao Tianyun and the one with a surname of Zhang) and guard Xiang Baifeng watched me from very early on, even when I was urinating. They deprived me of my human dignity. The evildoers would not clean the feces on the "Dead Person's Bed." In addition, Team leader Gao Yuntian swore at the practitioners in the corridor with dirty words. He left after I sent forth the righteous thoughts.

My stomach swelled up due to the drugs the evildoers forced into my stomach. Finally I lost consciousness. Thinking I was dead, they stole 300 yuan from my pocket.

Every day they gave me injections and force-fed me unknown drugs. In between I was force-fed corn flour paste. When the paste had gone bad they still fed it to me. I was not only covered in the smell of excrement, but also had nasal mucus all over my face. Since my hands and feet were all tied I could not even wipe my running nose. The evildoers swore at me about the mess and the smell. Since my feet were tied up for a long time they were in extreme pain. However, they still gave me injections as usual. When I refused and called upon Teacher for help the team leader was scared away. When he returned he tried to tie me up again. They were afraid that I might be crippled so they dragged me and forced me to walk and jump. I became out of breath and my face went very pale. Only then did they leave me there and they walked away.

They gave me the drugs and injections to make me into a mentally ill person or a vegetable. Owing to the force-fed drugs, my hair could be easily pulled out by the handful. The prison guards came to see me every night to check on me and after they returned to the office they would plot how to torture me more. Head of the Division Li Mingyu often beat me but he would say that since no one was around he could torture me until I was half dead if he chose. I was tied to the "Dead Person's Bed" for 26 consecutive days. Some practitioners have died this way.

At Masanjia Forced Labor Camp it is very common for the practitioners to be beaten. Once during a meeting everyone was standing and I closed my eyes once briefly. Guard Liu Yong hit me in the eyes twice and as a result they were swollen and could not see anything. I was almost knocked down. Afterwards they told me I had to see a doctor and that I would have to pay for it myself.

Since my legs were numb as a result of being tied to the "Dead Person's Bed" they offered me "sitting therapy" and charged me double. Liu Hui and another guard surnamed Liu told said I should to go to see a doctor. Since I had no money, I did not go.

Three years have passed and I still have trouble seeing things and my eyes still hurt when I try to focus.

Every practitioner who has been held in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp has had a horrifying experience of their own.