(Clearwisdom.net) I was often not willing to do the exercises every day. I knew in my heart that, as a practitioner, I should. On the other hand, I thought that doing them was too much trouble. These two thoughts often competed before I did the exercises. Of course, in the end I did the exercises anyway.

While exercising today, I asked myself why I was so reluctant to do the exercises, and why such thoughts always disturbed me. I reminded myself that I am a practitioner, and asked, "Why do I cultivate? Isn't cultivation to improve myself? Isn't practicing an opportunity to improve myself?" Doing the exercises can not only transform my body, but is also a good opportunity to improve my character. The thought of being unwilling to do the exercises and disliking to take the trouble is for sure, not from me. It is the attachment of seeking an easy and comfortable life. Isn't this an opportunity to eliminate this attachment? After going through this thought process, I was not affected by the negative thoughts. This was the right direction; doing the exercises with righteous thoughts made the decision. In addition, the attachment to taking the easy way showed itself. I thought that I can not let it sneak away; that I should eliminate it immediately. After clearing it out for a while, I felt especially relaxed. The thought of being unwilling to do the exercises was gone completely.

I realized that I had been afraid of being interfered with by ordinary thinking, which was wrong. To think that the attachment can interfere with me means the attachment existed in my space. When it interfered with me, it was the perfect opportunity for me to eliminate it. When I eliminate an attachment, don't I improve from this? At this point, I felt my mind was especially spacious and clear. I can eliminate the attachment. I was no longer afraid. When interference shows up, it is an opportunity to improve myself. They are all good things.

Doing the exercises is a good opportunity to eliminate the attachment to comfort. Distributing truth-clarification materials is a good opportunity to eliminate the attachment of fear. In any situation, whenever any ordinary thinking arises, it's a good opportunity to eliminate the attachment. We can cultivate while doing something, and we can do something while cultivating. Our characters can improve continuously. The effect of validating the Fa will become better and better.