(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of April 5, 2008, the final show of the Chinese Spectacular in Sydney, Australia, ended with enthusiastic cheering from the audience.

Violinist: This show purified my heart

Violinist Ms. Feng came from China. She said every program of the show moved her, "The show was impressive. The artists worked hard to create this beautiful show, and it touched me."

Ms. Feng continued, "I thank the Divine Performing Arts for presenting such a great show. This show purified my heart and soul. The dancing was very graceful, and it relaxed me. I have rarely seen such traditional artistic performances in China. The artists in the 'Mongolian Bowl Dance' moved lithely with rhythm and great coordination. It felt like they knew Qing Gong [light body skill] and floated back and forth on the stage. The celestial horse on the backdrop was so real that I thought it would emerge from the screen--this is real art."

Ms. Feng liked the dance, "The Power of Awareness." "The scene helped me understand more about Falun Gong. Beautiful things always conquer evil. This show is about justice and the meaning of awakening to the truth. I hope to see it performed in China so everyone can stand up for justice."

Dance School Graduate from Shanghai: I can't believe I can see such beautiful traditional culture overseas

Mr. Liu Xiaojing graduated from a dance school in Shanghai. He said, "I can't believe I can see such beautiful traditional culture overseas. The performance was well organized and full of variety. The dances were pretty and the singers were outstanding. A large artistic performance group like this overseas is very hard to come by."

"I am lucky to see such a show. There are profound meanings and stories, and spirituality behind the dances."

"The Chinese New Year Show in Shanghai is no comparison to the Chinese Spectacular. That show was promoting and advertising the government. The Spectacular is a breath of fresh air that makes me feel comfortable and joyful. It was elegant. The 1.3 billion people in China should see it."

Spectator from Tianjin City: I can't get enough of this show

Mr. Liu from Tianjin China saw the Chinese Spectacular last year. This year, he's seen it twice, "This year's show is even better."

"I can't see this kind of show in China. All the shows in China praise political figures and give political lessons. They sicken me. The Spectacular is great, I can't get enough of it. I am excited and moved."

"I like 'Water Sleeves' because through the sleeves of water waves, I can feel the elegance of the artists. The dance movements were graceful and the costumes were gorgeous and brilliant. The artists were top-class, and the effect of the background display was excellent. Everything was terrific and made me feel good. I will try to come back next year."

Chinese Woman: I am so in love with this show

Ms. Huang from China came to the show with her husband. She said, "This show is a wonder. It's colorful, well-done, and magnificent. We are very satisfied."

Ms. Huang from China with her husband.

Ms. Huang liked "The Fruits of Goodness." "The young man eventually found the righteous way. That's good. 'Lady of the Moon' combines modern technology, which is very smart. Using dance to inspire people is tough work!"

"It's a great performance. I think everyone should see it. I was so carried away during the show. I am so in love with this show."