(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Chuanyu, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xugai Village, Juancheng County, Heze City of Shandong Province, was illegally arrested by police from the Public Security Bureau of Juancheng County in the summer of 2006. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Mr. Li Chuanyu, male, 40 years old, lived in a poverty-stricken county. He is disabled, his wife suffers from mental illness, and his daughter is ill. Nevertheless, the county police repeatedly broke into his home and extorted thousands of yuan from his family every time he was released from police custody.

Because he was repeatedly arrested, Li Chuanyu often could not take care of his wife and children. He took out his family's remaining 500 yuan for his brother, whom he asked to take care of his family. When the police returned, Li Chuanyu hid the money, but the police raided his home and seized the money

A number of Falun Gong practitioners in Xugai Village, Fenghuang Township of Shandong Province have been subjected to brutal persecution since they were sent back there after they appealed in Beijing on July 20, 1999 to end the persecution of Falun Gong.

For eight years, police from the County Public Security Bureau have repeatedly come to this small village, illegally arresting Falun Gong practitioners and extorting money from them. The families of the Falun Gong practitioners in this village live under a constant state of terror. A female practitioner was seized by the police, who forced the family to give them 10,000 yuan before she was returned. With no other option, the family had to borrow the huge sum of money to secure her release.

Every year when the New Year approaches, many officers from the County Public Security Bureau descend upon the village to arrest Falun Gong practitioners and hold them for exorbitant ransoms.

Xugai village is only 10 kilometers away from the county seat, but the flow of news to and from the village is sporadic. We hope that the practitioners in Juancheng County will establish better contact with the village to better expose the persecution and create a better cultivation environment.

Below are the relevant telephone numbers collected from the Minghui website.

We hope that practitioners in and out of China will help to find and rescue our fellow practitioners.

Bian Bangjun, director of the trade unions of the Juancheng County Public Security Bureau: 86-530-2421372 (Office), 86-530-2420356 (Home), 86-13905403058 (Cell)
Chen Baodong, Security Battalion commander: 86-530-2421374 Ext.4420 (Office), 86-530-2424367 (Home), 86-13954019986 (Cell)
Li Hong, the deputy head of Security Battalion: 86-530-2421374 Ext.4454 (Office), 86-530-2429083 (Home), 86-13954095938 (Cell)
Yang Jihua, the deputy head of Security Battalion: 86-530-2421374 Ext.4454 (Office)
The operator of Juancheng County Public Security Bureau: 86-530-2421374, 86-530-2420372, 86-530-2421375
Song Shuqing, director of the Public Security Bureau: 86-530-2413979 (Office), 86-13515302928 (Cell)
Li Yonghong, political commissar of the Public Security Bureau: 86-530-2420375 (Office), 86-13326212088 (Cell)
Han Yingdian, deputy director of Public Security Bureau: 86-530-2420530 (Home), 86-13905307503 (Cell)
Liu Jitang, deputy director of Public Security Bureau: 86-530-2423635 (Home), 86-13583091333 (Cell)
Luo Cuixia, deputy, political commissar: 86-530-2424199 (Home), 86-13953038679 (Cell)
Cao Hongfeng, Secretary of discipline inspection: 86-530-2421783 (Home), 86-13954077198 (Cell)
Li Jianggang, Secretary of the county politics and law committee: 86-530-2420706 (Office), 86-530-2422858 (Home)
Wu Fuxiang, Deputy Secretary: 86-530-2421393 (Office), 86-530-2420950 (Home), 86-13954019979 (Cell)
Zhang Zhaoshun, Deputy Secretary: 86-530-2421393 (Office), 86-530-2422691 (Home), 86-13561312797 (Cell)
Liu Tongxuan, Deputy Secretary: 86-530-2420167 (Home), 86-13954095678 (Cell)
Wu Bin, director of the Office
610 Office: 86-530-2421393
Zhang Shanxiang, director of the county 610 office: 86-530-2426297 (Home), 86-13508984978 (Cell)
Zhang Min, deputy director of the county 610 office: 86-530-2421978 (Home)