(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, some "illegally detained" practitioners from other places were secretly transferred to Jinzhou City Prison. Those of us who live in Jinzhou exchanged understandings about this. Every one of us tries to do our best. The Minghui/Clearwisdom website recently published a news article saying that since the first day of the Chinese New Year, all practitioners detained in the Men's Section of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, and some women as well, have been on hunger strike, demanding that the persecution stop. Some have been brutally beaten by the guards, some tied up and tortured on a "dead man's bed," and some sent to hospitals for emergency treatment. The situation is urgent.

As Dafa disciples, we look inside whenever we encounter something. Even after several years of Fa rectification, the persecution is still going on. We asked ourselves, "Is there any place we need to improve?"

Since Master's article "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" was published in October 2006, our local practitioners have been to the forced labor camp regularly to send forth righteous thoughts. When it was learned that camp personnel were torturing practitioners, we sent righteous thoughts. When fellow practitioners were illegally arrested, we immediately tried to rescue them with righteous minds. Even though we were doing all these things, and everyone was tired from putting in a lot of energy and time, things continued to happen. The situation seemed to be out of control. Some practitioners felt like they were being dragged down by the situation and felt helpless in the face of the ongoing persecution.

Some practitioners did not realize that, in their minds, they treat different situations differently. While sending forth righteous thought, they focused on eliminating evil elements of the persecution locally, while not paying much attention to the situation elsewhere. They were unable to persistently follow Master's requirements during the Fa rectification process. This, in fact, indicates that we are not stable in our belief in Master and the Fa. When validating the Fa, some practitioners were so attached to their projects and plans that they were unable to put down their own opinions to assist the whole body.

Regarding these facts, have we carefully checked whether our understanding of the Fa is really keeping pace with the Fa rectification. About the prisons, forced labor camps, and places that detain practitioners, Master explicitly told disciples "to concertedly send righteous thoughts toward those evil places, thoroughly dissolving all evil beings and elements that persecute Dafa disciples, clearing away the evil circumstances under which Dafa disciples are persecuted in mainland China, and saving the world's people, [thereby] fulfilling the duties of a Dafa disciple and advancing toward godhood." ("Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil")

Master asked us to eliminate evil, but not limited to specific evil elements, or evil elements in a certain place, or only when we know about a specific incidence of persecution. Instead, Master asked us to thoroughly dissolve all the evil, including the persecution of our physical bodies, families, and personal finances. The evil should not exist and does not deserve to exist at all during the Fa rectification process. But, because we haven't had a good understanding of Master's Fa, or deep in our minds we have felt helpless against the evil, such pessimistic thoughts have given the evil a space to exist.

One and a half years have passed since Master's article "Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" was published, yet the persecution is still ongoing. Obviously, our understanding of the Fa is still lacking compared to the Fa's requirement. Through Fa study and sharing, every practitioner should clearly understand that in our minds and every thought, the evil has no reason to exist and that the persecution should end immediately.

Some practitioners from the Jinzhou area are still being detained:

Seven practitioners detained in Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp: Zhang Guohai, Li Lianjun, Liu Yuan, Cai Jichun, Zhao Erxun, and others.

Three practitioners detained in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp: Xu Hui, Cai Chao, and Su Xiumei

Practitioners detained in Jinzhou Prison: Zhang Lifeng, Liu Litao, Jiao Wanhui, Liu Deqin, Li Demin, practitioner with surname Ha, Zhou Hanchun, and Sun Linghua

Practitioners detained in Jinzhou Detention Center: Wang Xiaomin, and Jin Cuizhen

There is not much time left. Eliminating the evil and saving sentient beings are very urgent. We cannot slow down on our path of cultivation. All practitioners, let's send forth the purest and strongest righteous thoughts.

February 24, 2008