(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of May 9, 2007, policeman from the Shuguang Road precinct in the Nan'guan District of Changchun went to Ms. Yang Defang's house and arrested her. Later, they camped out at her home and waited for her husband to come home. In order to draw out other practitioners, they made Ms. Yang's thirteen year old son stand on the street as bait. Policemen hid on the other side of the street, intending to arrest anyone who said hello to the boy.

It was dusk, and people rushed past on their way home from work. The poor boy had just witnessed his mother's arrest and was forced to stay out on the street. He could not go back home and did not know anything about his father. He was in an awful predicament: He wished his father would come back home to take care of him; however, he was also worried that if his father returned, his father would be arrested. All the while the young teen shivered in the cold wind.

Later, his uncle passed by and saw his nephew standing alone on the street. He started to ask the boy, "Why you are standing there? Where are your parents?" But before he could even finish asking the questions, a group of policemen ambushed and arrested him .

After a night's interrogation, they found that he was not the person they had wanted to arrest. The uncle does not practice Falun Gong at all.

The policemen persisted. They arrested the grandfather using a similar method. After interrogation, they found that the grandfather also did not practice.

Seeing family member after family member arrested, the boy began to suffer psychologically. Previously, he was quite open and trusting. But now he feels lonely, scared, is afraid of the dark, and keeps to himself. He worries a lot.

The main switchboard of the Nanguan District Police Department, 86-431-85287000
The director: 86-431-85297666
The Political Commissar: 86-431-85299122

February 27, 2008