(Clearwisdom.net) I am fourteen years old. I began cultivating only last April. My grandmother learned Dafa when I was much younger, and I listened to her read the Fa, and watched her do the exercises. I could see the Falun pin that Grandma was wearing on her chest spinning. I also saw the Falun in the picture that hung on the wall spinning.

In April 2007, I developed an autoimmune disease and lost consciousness. Later Grandma told me that she arrived at the clinic when they were doing a CAT scan on me. She calmly recited, "Falun Dafa is good" next to my ear. A few minutes later, I slowly opened my eyes and came to. Later I was moved to a hospital, where I had several seizures. Two days had passed when I woke up, finding myself on a respirator and with a feeding tube running through my nose. They fed me by injecting liquid through the tube with a hypodermic needle. I suffered a lot.

After I was discharged from the hospital, I decided that I wanted to practice Dafa. Once I began, Teacher cleansed my body, and my health improved dramatically. Right after I was discharged from the hospital, I felt tired just walking a few steps and needed to be carried up and down the stairs. Soon I could go to school, go out on the street, or up and down the stairs all by myself. I took six months off from school and went directly to junior high when school started. My grades were mediocre in the past, but now my grades are very good. I know it is Teacher who helped me develop my wisdom.

Now my health has completely recovered. Doctors and other people who knew of my situation are all amazed.

My grandmother's illnesses went away after she learned Dafa. Both Grandma and I will be even more diligent in our cultivation. We will study the Fa harder and look inward when facing problems. We don't want Teacher to be disappointed.

Through this incident I recognized the greatness of Teacher. I have written about my experience so that good people can wake up quickly. Don't be misled by the deceptive propaganda.