(Clearwisdom.net) The Fa-rectification has reached the final stage. But when many practitioners talk, they exhibit a kind of excitement. What they reveal essentially amounts to ordinary people's "relief and release." They do not however, show a sense of responsibility and mission.

The Fa-rectification is coming to an end, but if we look around, how many people still have not been saved. Many people with predestined relationships have yet to know the true facts, as there are still many beings deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) poisonous lies. How can practitioners be exited under these circumstances? Isn't this a manifestation of selfishness? The excitement comes because one needs no longer to suffer. One can be properly treated, and there is even a feeling of pride. Isn't this it? Isn't this mindset the best excuse for the black hands and rotten ghosts to further persecute practitioners?

Actually, we should not be happy at all as the Fa-rectification comes to an end. This should be the most urgent time. The CCP's true nature has been exposed, and many disasters have occurred. The CCP's evildoings are being recognized and exposed by more and more people. People are more readily able to accept the truth. Aren't the many things we have done for the sake of awakening people? Many people are gradually awakening and are no longer willingly deceived by the mind-poison spread by the CCP. In the face of the disasters, the CCP's rule will soon be abolished and collapse. During this brief yet advantageous time period before the end of the Fa-rectification, we can save more people on a larger scale. We must have a good understanding of this golden time and make good use of it. Thus we must be more involved in the Fa-rectification to save people. I think this should be the mindset during this present period. We should not sit at home and wait for the Fa-rectification to end quickly, and neither should we wait at home and watch things happen! If we do this, how can we face our compassionate and great Master when Fa-rectification ends?

I hope that every practitioner will make use of every opportunity to the three things well, and do well with our responsibilities and mission!