(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on May 9, 2007, Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Zhonghua and two other practitioners from Xichang City, Sichuan Province, went to a fellow practitioner's home in Daxing Township, Xichang City, to install a satellite receiver. Personnel from the National Security Team of Xichang City illegally arrested them. Mr. Li Zhonghua was sentenced to one year and three months of forced labor. He is currently detained and subjected to torture at the Mapingba Drug Rehabilitation Center in Xichang City. The detainees there often extort money from him, and beat and verbally abuse him.

The following is the persecution Mr. Li Zhonghua suffered in 2002.

On the morning of November 2, 2002, about a dozen plainclothes policemen from the National Security Teams of Panzhihua City and Miyi County suddenly showed up and arrested Mr. Li Zhonghua while he was walking on the street. During an interrogation, Cai Faxiang from the Miyi County National Security Team asked him, "Who gave you those [truth-clarification] materials? Then who are you going to give those materials to? Where do you live? What's your name?" At that time, Mr. Li did not answer his questions. Cai Faxiang and other policemen brutally took off his shirt and clamped his right nipple with a big ticket holder. When they saw that Mr. Li would not answer the questions, they clamped his left nipple until it bled. Afterwards, they burned Mr. Li's mustache with a cigarette lighter.

At around 2:00 p.m., Liu Guoqiang, Zhou Xin, and a policewoman with the surname of Wan from the City National Security Team, joined in the torture. Zhou Xin took off Mr. Li Zhonghua's belt, tied his hands and hung him up with the belt. Mr. Li's hands turned black and he was in excruciating pain. They did not stop torturing him until 6 p.m.. After being tortured so badly, Mr. Li told them that he had brought 300-400 copies of truth-clarifying materials and had gone to the farmers market to distribute them.

While Mr. Li Zhonghua was being tortured, Liu Guoqiang and other policemen from Miyi County went to the apartment that Mr. Li rented. The landlord told them which apartment belonged to Mr. Li, and at around 9:00 p.m., the police searched his home. At 11:40 p.m., Mr. Li was sent to the City Detention Center with another practitioner. He was detained for 29 days and extorted out of 2,000 yuan in cash.

At 2:30 p.m. one day in the middle of December 2002, Yang Wei and Hu Zhongjun from the City National Security Team came to Li Zhonghua's home again. They said that they needed him to go to the police station with them. When he arrived at the police station he saw Cai Faxiang and another policeman. They said that Mr. Li had delivered several thousand copies of truth-clarification materials including CDs. However, Mr. Li said that he only had 300 to 400 copies, and told them that he had no other information. Zhou Xin and Cai Faxiang tortured Mr. Li again for a "confession." Zhou Xin beat Mr. Li's head and legs with a metal club which left a bleeding cut about two inches long on his leg and a permanent scar. Mr. Li was interrogated until 7:30 p.m. and then he was sent to a room at the city guest house where he was tortured further and not allowed to sleep for the whole night.