(Clearwisdom.net) On February 6, Chinese New Years Eve, the Chinese New Year Splendor was performed at Radio City Hall in New York. Many Chinese faces could be seen in the audience.

For Ms. Quan, a Korean Chinese from Jilin Province, it was her first time to see the show. She said that she was very touched by the performance and she hoped that one day she could see the show in her hometown.

Ms. Quan was surprised that the Chinese New Year Splendor was performed at this world-class theater. She was also surprised by the number of performances, and the multicultural audience.

"As Chinese, we should cherish our own culture," Ms. Quan said.

Ms. Quan was pleasantly surprised that there was also a scene with a Korean dance.

"It [the Korean dance] took me back to my hometown. I forgot that I was in the United States. If only I could watch this show in my hometown. That would be wonderful."

She continued, "We all want to be reunited with our loved ones and celebrate the Chinese New Year with our families. If we have confidence in our country, if we can treat each other with kindness and sincerity, who would want to leave our homes? Who would want to start all over again in a foreign country? "

The program that touched her heart the most was "The Risen Lotus Flower." "When I saw the three women persecuted in the prison, my eyes filled with tears. I am only a small potato. I cannot do much to change the situation. But I think that I need to pay attention to it [the persecution] and let more people know about it. Shouldn't we care for our fellow countrymen?"

Ms. Quan said that she would bring her friends to see the show next year.