(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts touring company performed the Chinese Spectacular at the Theatre du Léman in Geneva on March 3, 2008. Dignitaries attending the show included heads of international large banks, Swiss government officials, prominent members from the Swiss jewelery, watch and clocks industry and local artists. David Hiler, deputy chief executive of the Canton of Geneva and financial director of Geneva, also attended the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular. The premiere show was a great success, and the performers were brought back for multiple curtain calls by the audience's thundering applause.

Dignitaries mingle with the performers after the show

President of World Premiere Watchmaking: The Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular is unique and incomparable.

Thierry Oulevay (left) attended the premiere of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular and called the show "a miracle."

Thierry Oulevay, president of World Premiere Watchmaking and co-creator of the unique Jean Dunand timepieces, said, "This is an extraordinary show, amazing. It is very artistic and exquisite. It is a good marriage of culture and art. It also finds a nice balance between dancing and musical and spiritual components. I have never seen this kind of fine show before--it's a miracle."

He continued, "You can tell how much effort the performers have put into it. It is the best exhibition of Chinese culture. It is touching to see how they used the performing arts to display 5,000 years of Chinese history. It is incredible, unique."

Mr. Oulevay said that he had been interested in Chinese culture, and the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) was an eye-opener for him. "The lighting, colors, and backdrop were very attractive. I have visited Macao, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and many other cities in China. I have also read many books about China's history and culture. However, I did not realize that the drum is a sacred item, neither did I know that the Emperors wore imperial robes."

He thought the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular made westerners ponder, "I am very happy to see the principles of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance that are displayed in the show. ... The show was very special, [DPA] is deeply rooted in the traditional Chinese culture. In the west, [DPA] will allow the westerners to ponder how to keep a distance from the material world. This is something that deserves deep thinking. Commercialization is one aspect of our life. However, history, culture, and art are indispensable to human life."

As a businessman working with Premiere Watchmaking business and design, Mr. Oulevay has a very refined artistic taste. He offered high praise for the Divine Performing Arts' artistic level, "I work with Premiere Watchmaking business and design. I can easily tell the quality of a show, especially visually. I really like the costumes, colors, and the movement in dances, because they came out of great creativity, the European people are also gradually appreciative for eastern culture. They started to recognize the Chinese culture and beauty of the art."

Finally Mr. Oulevay said, "I wholeheartedly wish the global tour of Divine Performing Arts great success, because it is unique and incomparable."

Swiss Banker: It is not right to persecute people who follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

Mr. Jacques Rochat, the vice-president of a Swiss bank, found everything in the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular to be beautiful, and the backdrop fantastic.

Swiss bank vice-president Mr. Jacques Rochat and his wife

Mr. Rochat said, "I liked the two programs about Falun Gong ('The Risen Lotus Flower' and 'The Power of Awareness') most. They allowed me to understand what's actually happening in China. That shouldn't be happening. I can personally sense the suffering of Falun Gong followers in China. I think it is the time for China's dictator to change it. It is not right to persecute those Falun Gong practitioners who follow the principles of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance--it is not right."

One of the landmarks in Geneva is the United Nations Human Rights Square.