(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Qi Tingyuan, a Falun Gong practitioner and retired teacher from Laiwu City, Shandong Province, was tortured to death over two months ago. His family members have approached the relevant authorities and sought justice for him, but the authorities have shirked their responsibility and even threatened his family. Police officer Lu from the Laiwu District Police Department ranted, "The head of the police department has given orders not to even meet with you. You're crazy. Don't come here again. Qi Tingyuan was willing to die. Even a hen is more important than a Falun Gong practitioner. It does not matter if we torture a practitioner to death. It is useless to appeal for him. In Laiwu City you will not get anywhere appealing for him."

Mr. Qi Tingyuan's family had to go to the Shandong Province Procuratorate and the Shandong Province Police Department in pursuit of justice. On instructions from their superiors, Laicheng District Police Department officers in Laiwu City ordered Mr. Qi's family to go to the police department on November 17 and demanded that they agree to have Mr. Lai's remains cremated quickly. One of the persons in charge threatened the family that, if they did not agree to have the remains cremated, the funeral home fee would be deducted from their son's salary. The authorities also said, "Qi Tingyuan was short-lived, and if you do not cremate his remains, we will."

Mr. Qi Tingyuan, 67, was a retired teacher from the Ezhuang Coal Mining Company of Shandong Province, Xinwen Coal Mining Administration. He was arrested on October 15, 2007, and taken to the Laiwu City Hospital for emergency treatment on the evening of November 5. The doctor issued a notice that he had a terminal illness. The hospital diagnosed Mr. Qi as having organ failure and esophageal bleeding. They also said that he had severe internal injuries. As soon as the police found out that Mr. Qi Tingyuan was near death, they forced his family to sign a paper to certify that Mr. Qi had been released. On the morning of November 6, the head of the security section, Yang Leping, and a group of officers from the police and justice departments held a secret meeting at the Liangpo Police Station and sentenced Qi Tingyuan for "involvement in illegal religious organizations to undermine the implementation of the law" and "suicide to escape punishment." Qi Tingyuan passed away in the Central Hospital of the Xinwen Coal Mining Administration on the morning of November 11. When he was in a coma, he had blood in his stool and bled from his mouth. His medical record indicated that he had liver, heart, and kidney failure. He was given a blood transfusion for his anemia and upper esophageal bleeding. His lips were ulcerated, his tongue was black and shortened, and his lower back and the backs of his arms bore obvious scars from serious injuries.

January 19, 2008