(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since I obtained a DVD of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular, it has became the must-have present to my friends and relatives when I visit them. Here are a few examples.

A close friend gets quick service

This is about a family of teachers. For years they have watched DVDs of the overseas Chinese New Year Spectacular. The father knows that the Divine Performing Arts shows are pure and elegant so he likes them very much and gave me an oral "standing order:" "Whenever you get a new DVD of a Divine Performing Arts' show, please save a copy for me."

As soon as I finished making a copy of the new Divine Performing Arts' show DVD, I brought it to him. He was very happy and excited and said, "Thank you for bringing it to me so quickly so I can enjoy the new show. It is true that a close friend gets quick service."

"The Divine Performing Arts is outstanding"

One of my friends is a government clerk. When I brought him the new Chinese Spectacular DVD he complained, "I am so busy now that I don't have time to watch the show. I will see it later when I have time." I said, "I am not begging you to watch it. But as the saying goes, 'If you passed the village you missed the store.' When you have the time in the future, you may not have the good fortune to find this DVD. You're an educated person, why not just calm down with a pure heart to enjoy this feast of traditional culture?" He thought for a while and said, "You are right. Okay, let me take it home and find a time to watch it."

A few days later, we met again on business. Before I said a word, he raised his thumb and said happily, "It was truly good. So good. It was worth the time, and I really enjoyed it. The show is truly a world class performance with such rich content. Especially when I watched 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei,' I couldn't help thinking of Yue Fei, our national hero. His loyalty to the country brought me to tears. From then on I understood why so many in the audience were thinking deeply and some were in tears. This is because of the rich content of the show and its profound concepts." He continued, "The show purifies people's hearts and awakens their conscience. The audience can find their true nature. This kind of show really let me see the true Chinese traditional culture and let people see the origins of Chinese nationality. I thought about it quietly for a while and found it deep and profound. The Divine Performing Arts Company is truly outstanding "

"I want to watch the drum performance again!"

Le Le is a three-year-old. One night, her family was watching the Chinese Spectacular together. They thought Le Le was too young and only liked cartoons so they didn't call her to see the show.

While the family watched, she played with her toys quietly. But when "The Drummers of the Tang Court" began, the drum beats and rhythm caught her attention. She put down her toys and ran to the TV. Her mother explained to her, "Can you see the big character TANG on all the flags? This is a line of drums. Listen to the drums. Isn't it powerful? It's awesome. This program is called 'Drummers of the Tang Court.'" Le Le watched and her little hands waved like the performers in the TV. It was obvious she liked it very much. Her father smiled as he watched her dance in time with the drum beats and said, "Our Le Le is dancing."

When the drum program finished and the next program started. Le Le was not satisfied and she said with little hands waving, "Please, please, I want to watch the drums." To satisfy her request, the family watched the drum program one more time.

Now Le Le has memorized the basic tune of the drum program and some of the movements. When she is happy, she performs her own version of "Drummers of the Tang Court" to entertain the family. The whole family is very happy.