(Clearwisdom.net) Not long after the persecution first started, I remember I read a news article stating that the CCP was going to once again implement a large scale persecution effort, including inspections, book searches and arrests. I hurried to a local coordinator's home, and we discussed if we should tell fellow practitioners this news and temporarily transfer Dafa materials to a relatively safer place. In the beginning, we both agreed to tell every practitioner.

But after some intense sharing, we realized that it was not right to spread such news. News like this would generate a tense atmosphere among fellow practitioners and also interfere with their normal cultivation. We would have imperceptibly accepted the evil arrangement and created a gap for the evil to persecute us. What should we do then? After further discussion, we reached a new understanding: This news tells us that the evil elements have again appeared and have spread into each area. We should tell fellow practitioners that the 20th of July is approaching, and the evil is emerging again. This is the time for us to strengthen our righteous thoughts and to send righteous thoughts hourly more often to eliminate all the interferences and persecution from the dark minions, rotten ghosts and the CCP evil spirit.

So we changed our thinking and realized that it is we who is leading the great play. We should not allow or admit the appearance of the evil. Wherever there is evil, all practitioners should strengthen the intensity, duration, and the power of our righteous thoughts. That particular time, there was not one case of a practitioner being harassed. It not only didn't interfere with the work of validating the Fa, but also prevented the negative impact of fear toward the CCP on the general public.

Today I read on the Minghui/Clearwisdom site that, on February 19, 2008, the CCP secretly issued a document called "Working Suggestion on Safeguarding the Social Stability and Ensuring the Safety of the Beijing Olympics" in the name of the "Central Political and Law Committee." The document was passed down to 40 "Political and Law Committees" and the "Office of Preventing and Handling An Evil Cult" at provincial levels all over the country. Meanwhile, many areas have started to suffer from persecution. In some places, the persecution was quite brutal. Does this phenomenon have something to do with the mentality of admitting and accepting the idea in our thoughts? Even if we have an omission in our cultivation, it can be rectified in the cultivation of the great Fa. Evil has no right to interfere or persecute. Actually, whether the CCP will succeed in hosting the Olympic Games or not has nothing to do with our cultivation. That is an everyday people's matter. The important thing for us is to see if we still have any attachment on this issue. We have had so many painful lessons in the past. We cultivators shouldn't become attached to any secular matters. A Dafa disciple's mission is nothing but to save sentient beings. Human attachments are the fundamental reason for evil finding excuses to persecute us.

A cultivator's divine thoughts shouldn't be moved by any rumor that evil is spreading. If any false impression interfering with saving sentient beings appears, we should take it as a good chance for us to look within and thoroughly eliminate the interference with our righteous thoughts. Let's get rid of all human attachments and omissions. As cultivators, our prime goal is to save sentient beings.