(Clearwisdom.net) From October 8, 2007, to November 14, 2007, six practitioners, Mr. Wang Xing, Mr. Ai Guoxiang, Ms. Huang Lanqin, Ms. Peng Ying, Mr. Huang Hongqiang, and Ms. Cao Weihong, were illegally arrested by police officers of State Security Division. Some of them have become critically ill.

On October 14, 2007, Mr. Wang Xing and Mr. Ai Guoxiang, self-employed Falun Gong practitioners from Guixi City, were arrested without any reason in Hebei Town, Guangfeng County. The police officers wrapped their heads with black cloth and took them to some covert site, where the armed police and local ruffians hired as thugs tortured them. From October 7 to 8 2007 Mr. Huang Hongqiang, teacher at the Guixi City Middle School, and Ms. Peng Ying, owner of a grocery store, were arrested from their residencies. Ms. Cao Weihong, director of New World Kindergarten in Yingtan City, was arrested when she was on a business trip. Ms. Huang Lanqin, self-employed, was arrested when she went outside to run errands.

In the following week, the six practitioners' residencies were all searched, and their property was confiscated. They were transferred to Nanchang City or Longfu Mountain to be interrogated. The thugs afflicted brutal tortures on them, with an attempt to compel them to acknowledge their so-called "counter-revolutionary" crime.

After the "evidence" fabricated by the State Security Division was submitted, it was turned down by the Procuratorate. Nonetheless, the State Security Division in Yingtan City still detained the six practitioners in the Police Detention Center and tried every means to frame them with charges. Mr. Wang Xing suffered extremely virulent torment for nearly a month in State Security Bureau in Nanchang City. Consequently, he held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. At present, his current situation and whether he lives is unknown.

Those participated in the illegal search include Xu Shangxi (male) and Fu Yongbiao (male), from the State Security Division in Yingtan City, and Ye Fengsheng (male), from the Donghu Police Station in Yingtan City.

Li Enping (male), director of State Security Bureau in Yingtan City: 86-13879863188 (Cell)
Sheng Jinxi (male), secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee in Yingtan City and chieftain of the 610 Office: 86-13807015268 (Cell)
Ye Shuzhen (male), deputy secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee in Yingtan City and deputy director of the "610 Office": 86-13970181376 (Cell)
Police Detention Center in Yingtan City:86-701-6467899, 86-701-6467889
Switchboard of Police Department in Guixi City: 86-701-3771771, 86-701-3771772, 86-701-3771773, 86-701-3771691
Pan Xinkai (male), chief of State Security Division and deputy director of the "610 Office": 86-13907010612 (Cell)
The office of deputy director: 86-701-3786565
No. 1 section: 86-701-3797610

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