(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has illegally arrested many Falun Dafa practitioners using the Olympic Games as an excuse. 1,878 arrests have been reported across China in the first 10 weeks of this year.

The CCP has been using the "Olympics" as an excuse to persecute practitioners of Dafa and prevent the public from learning the truth about Falun Gong for several years. It is the CCP's nature to continuously create political movements, generate terror, and fabricate lies to justify the persecution of practitioners of Dafa. The CCP chooses to be the enemy of the just and never hesitates to twist any proper human event to its own purposes.

As a Dafa practitioner, I asked myself, "How should we view the Olympic Games in China, from a perspective of cultivation? Isn't it because we lack a clear understanding and righteous thoughts on this issue, that the evil is able to do bad things?"

I believe there are several misunderstandings about the Olympic Games among practitioners thoughts.

One thought is fear. The terror generated by the CCP over these past dozen years casts a deep shadow in the minds of some practitioners. So they follow the thought process of the party culture unconsciously. "The Olympic Games are coming. The CCP will tightly control things and intensify the persecution again. What should we do?"

Another thought is hatred. "Whatever it is the CCP wants done, we should not let it succeed." This thought may not be wrong, but our ultimate goal is to save sentient beings and not have anyone as our enemy.

Another thought is to stay away from or boycott the games. Some people think that the Olympic Games are a normal event and not a part of cultivation. So they do not care about it or participate in them. They appear numb to the Olympic Games. They hid when other practitioners were arrested and did not think it over from the perspective of Dafa cultivation.

Once these thoughts are exposed, it becomes obvious that this thinking is not from the Fa. This lack of a clear understanding about the Olympic Games is the true reason the CCP is able to use the Olympic Games as an excuse to persecute practitioners of Dafa. If our understandings had been clear, we would not have experienced these losses.

We all know that the Three Realms was created to spread Dafa today, and that everything on earth is for Dafa. Clarifying the truth to enlighten sentient beings is our primary mission. No matter how the old forces arrange things, we should measure them by the standards of Dafa. What's important is not whether the Olympic Games take place in China, nor the results of the Olympic Games. It is rather, the saving of sentient beings. The CCP uses the Olympics as an excuse to persecute Dafa disciples, because they are afraid we will clarify the truth. They know very well that the day most people know the truth, the CCP will collapse.

Master said, "Fa-rectification is sure to succeed, and Dafa disciples are sure to achieve Consummation." ("Greetings")

The end result is already fixed. The CCP's crazy actions are just an illusion. It shows that it's end is near and it can hardly maintain control. The Olympics is just a starting point for us to clarify the truth. Experience tells us that every time the CCP does something trying to stop us, it helps more people understand the truth and depart from the CCP. It becomes easier for us to clarify the truth and save more people. This is the result of our righteous thoughts and the manifestation of Dafa's mighty power to rectify people's thinking.

I often use the Olympics to clarify the truth, and it is very effective. Many people are keen to know about the Olympic Games, because of the the propaganda put out by the CCP. They do not know the damage to people and the true Olympic Spirit caused by the CCP as it prepared for the Olympic Games. I explain how out-of-town workers who built the Olympic Stadiums are excluded from attending the Olympic Games. The CCP restricts the special certificates issued allowing people to go to Beijing. Over 100 schools built for their kids to study in while they were working in Beijing, have now been closed by the government. Water from drought-stricken Hebei province is hauled away to Beijing for the Olympic theme parks. This leaves over fifty million acres of farm land in Hebei un-irrigated. The CCP arrested many people heading for Beijing to appeal for justice on behalf of Falun Gong practitioners. Hospitals are refusing requests from college students for blood transfusions, because they want to save the blood for the Olympic Games, and so on.

Governments exist to improve the material and spiritual quality of living for the general public, not to grab fame for themselves. The CCP is far from "friendship, solidarity and fair play," the principles of the Olympic Spirit. No wonder that so many world renown celebrities are resisting Beijing's Olympic Games. As a taxpayer, if I have the choice, I would never agree to the use of my money to harm people's lives or to it being wasted. Let's just look at the construction of the Olympic stadiums. How many government officials got kickbacks or bribes from those projects? Weren't they wasting and stealing we taxpayers' money? Most of the people will start thinking about this now I have said it and many will agree with me.

This is just an example. I think we can come up with better and better approaches to clarify the truth. The most important thing is that we need to get past the interference caused by the Olympic Games and focus on saving sentient beings. We should convert the CCP's propaganda into a catalyst for truth-clarification. The louder the CCP promotes the Olympic Games, the more opportunities there are for people to understand the truth. That's because the primary actor on the world stage is Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Everything is measured by Dafa standards.