(Clearwisdom.net) Many fellow practitioners who had failed to step out for the Fa have already stepped out. Other practitioners are glad to see that they are able to step out in the limited time remaining in the Fa-rectification period. Although they have sustained a tremendous loss, for they didn't step out in the most critical period of the Fa-rectification period, fortunately they are not left out in the final stage.

However, we see the problems they face. First, they seem to think and act like new practitioners in terms of their personal cultivation practice. Second, they face a lot of obstacles when they clarify the truth about Falun Gong. Third, they tend to pass judgments on fellow practitioners' truth-clarification efforts from the perspective of personal cultivation. Some practitioners recently released from detention facilities share the same problem.

Despite their problems, we should treat them with compassion and help them with kindness, which is the key to forming one-body and cooperating with each other. When we fail to help them with kindness or treat them with compassion, we might harm them, whether or not we realize it. For example, often times we failed to help a fellow practitioner who had made a mistake. Instead of improving his/her understanding on the Fa or share our cultivation insights, we tended to deny him/her as though we felt we had "identified a bad person who had damaged the Fa." Eventually those practitioners who have erred become too frightened to do anything at all.

Teacher said in "Greetings" published on February 6, 2008,

"Save your sentient beings, fulfill your great prehistoric vows, and make good on the pledges you made!" ("Greetings")

Teacher inspired me again with this article, reminding me that there is nothing more important than having every practitioner step out to form one-body and to save sentient beings.

Only when we form an invincible one-body will we be able to complete what Teacher expects of us. Treating fellow practitioners with compassion is the key in forming one-body. It is a good thing that a problem surfaces because it presents an opportunity to solve it. The key is not to be involved in the problem. We should ask ourselves how we feel about the problem and check our thoughts against the Fa to verify if our thoughts comply with the Fa or if they are righteous. If our thoughts are righteous and abide by the Fa, we will not be restrained by the superficial symptoms of the problem. We will be able to identify the root cause. We will see that problems of different levels arise from different levels of "xinxing" standards. Then we will be able to help fellow practitioners upgrade their xinxing levels. When everyone improves his/her xinxing, all problems will be solved. This is a blessing in disguise to those who are able to evaluate things with righteous thoughts and who can save sentient beings with compassion. On the other hand, if we are driven by our notions and attachments to respond to fellow practitioners with problems, then it's high time to eliminate these notions and attachments. This will be a good opportunity to upgrade our xinxing. In either case, this will turn out to be a good thing.

Fellow practitioners, we must be well versed in searching inward because this is the only path to consummation and to the completion of our mission. Only when we search inward will we cultivate ourselves. Only when we search inward will we be able to harmonize our one-body. Only when we search inward will we develop compassion to save sentient beings. Only when we search inward will we be able to return home with Teacher. We must search inward to be diligent in our cultivation practice.

This concludes my personal understanding. Please feel free to point our any loophole in my understanding.