(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2004, the Chinese Communist Party illegally sentenced me to a forced labor camp because I persisted in practicing Falun Dafa. I held a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and gradually strengthened my righteous thoughts in the Fa. As a result, I eventually walked out of the evil forced labor camp with Teacher's compassionate protection. I then went to work in a molybdenum mine operated by a relative of mine.

I am the only one who practices Falun Dafa in mine. Whenever my xinxing is in sync with Dafa, many problems can be solved easily. Sometimes, Dafa also demonstrates miracles when I clarify the truth to people.

One night, several staff members got a hold of a pornographic DVD and played it in the room next to mine. I was about to send forth righteous thoughts at the time, so the noises from next room interfered with me. When I sent righteous thoughts, I added the thought to "eliminate next door's showing of the pornographic DVD." After I was done sending forth righteous thoughts, I did not hear any noise from next door. Later, I heard them come out of the room and mumble, "Where did it go wrong? How come we could not see any picture no matter how hard we tried to make it work?" I sat in my room and grabbed a Dafa book and started to study the Fa. I remembered Teacher's words, "As a person sits there, without moving his hands or feet, he is able to do what others cannot do even with their hands and feet,..." (Zhuan Falun, Lecture One, "Qigong is Cultivation Practice") I realized that these words carry very deep meaning.

A supervisor works here under a special arrangement by the mine owner. He is a local thug. His favorite line is, "Whoever interferes with my gaining something is my enemy." Consequently, although I constantly told him about Falun Dafa's principles, he simply turned a deaf ear to what I said, and he said tauntingly that Falun Dafa practitioners were the most foolish among the foolish.

However, I was surprised at the change in his thoughts when one day he told me a story, and at the same time I realized that my heart for saving sentient beings was far from being very good. That day, he gave me a truth-clarification DVD after he drove by . He said, "Last night when I fell asleep at home, I dreamed that I drove to a treacherous place where there was 10,000 foot canyon in front me. The car door suddenly opened, and a force kept dragging me. Just when I was on the verge of falling down the deep canyon, someone suddenly saved my life, and that someone was you." After saying these words he looked at me as if he was still touched by the fact that I had saved his life. He then said, "When I opened the door this morning I saw this Falun Dafa DVD taped to my door. I recalled how you saved my life in my dream, so I did not throw it away like I used to."

I immediately understood that this was a manifestation of Teacher's mighty virtue, and that this was a manifestation of Dafa saving sentient beings. Deep inside me, my heart had previously lacked compassion for him, and I had regarded him as beyond hope. At that moment, I felt the immense compassion and the miraculous, magnificent and boundless Fa-power of Teacher's Dafa. As long as we have Teacher's Dafa in our hearts, Dafa will bestow on us omnipotent wisdom and Fa-power and will manifest the miracle of saving sentient beings in the human world.