Wangcun Forced Labor Camp officials aggressively follow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime's policy of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Those in charge at the camp carry out and condone the brutal torture of practitioners

1. The guards in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp are absolutely ruthless. The rule of the labor camp is: "Absolute obedience, regardless if it is right or wrong." The guards in the labor camp not only wield this "authority" for themselves but extend that authority to head inmates. No matter if it is prisoners or guards who carry out the tortures, they always gang up and always for trumped up reasons.

Just before the 2006 Chinese New Year practitioner Xu Ruliang wrote a disclaimer to declare that his statement obtained by forced-brainwashing was null and void. Zheng Wanxin and other guards in the No. 8 Division hung Mr. Xu up by handcuffs for 13 days during the Chinese New Year. In October 2006, Mr. Xu once again voided his statement that had been obtained by force. Zheng Wanxin, Sun Fengjun, and other guards tortured him for a whole day with electric shock batons. His feet and back were covered with red and black scars. It was so painful that he couldn't take a shower for a month.

At the end of February 2007, practitioner Wang Jianzhong wrote a statement to void his previous one obtained by brainwashing before his term in the labor camp ended. Guards Zheng Wanxin and Wang Jianzhong put him in solitary confinement for three days.

The guards in the labor camp specifically kept an eye on those practitioners who refused to be brainwashed. In order to prevent practitioners from reading Dafa articles and writing solemn statements to void things they had said or written under pressure, the guards often conducted unannounced body searches. At the guards' instigation, the inmates often willfully searched practitioners as well. On April 20, 2006, inmate head Zhu Zhenlin in the "strict control team" of the No. 8 Division randomly searched practitioners and found Dafa articles on practitioner Mr. Liu Xingwu. Guard Lu Guangrong immediately took Mr. Liu away. Mr. Liu was later put in solitary confinement and beaten. Lu Guangrong then searched practitioners Liu Feng and Liu Ruping. Their watches and pens were taken away. Large scale body-searches conducted to "search for banned articles" took place in the No. 7 Division and the No. 8 Division where practitioners were held. The practitioners' watches were taken away. In the No. 7 Division, the practitioners strongly and widely resisted the searches and confiscations.

2. Torture and violence are used indiscriminately on the practitioners who refuse to be brainwashed, who have written solemn statements, or read Dafa articles. The guards themselves not only injure practitioners but also instigate the inmates to brutally beat them.

In order to force practitioners to give up their belief, the authorities of the labor camp have issued orders that deaths caused by torture can be listed as "suicide." Practitioners often suffer physical torture and mental brainwashing. Under such unbearable long-term torture, Xu Xinhua in the No. 7 Division, who firmly refused to be brainwashed, jumped from a high floor in the building around July or August 2005 and was severely injured. Guard Sun Fengjun was the culprit in the persecution of Xu Xinhua.

At the end of June 2006, because he refused to answer so-called "law exam" questions, Lin Yousun and eight other practitioners suffered brutal electric shock torture and were put into solitary confinement. Led by the guards from the No. 7 Division--Jing Xusheng, Li Gongming, Wang Xinjiang, and Wang, head of the Administration Section--they tortured nine steadfast practitioners. The practitioners were taken to the offices in the No.7 Division, the No.4 Division, and the No.2 Division respectively and eight or nine guards acted as a group. The practitioners were forced to sit on the ground without pants. They were handcuffed behind their backs to the rear legs of a chair. Two guards stepped on the practitioner's feet and two held the practitioner's knees. The practitioner's heads were pressed against the chair. Wang, head of the Administration Section, and another guard conducted the electric shock torture. They mainly shocked the practitioner's inner and outer thighs, which are the most sensitive to pain. They did not stop until the electric baton ran out of power. Then the practitioners were put in solitary confinement for one week and their injuries were secretly treated. Nine practitioners all had an additional three months added to their prison terms.

On July 10, 2006, practitioner Lin Yousun called out "Falun Dafa is good" in a labor camp assembly. He was put into solitary confinement for one week. On July 14, because he refused to watch the CCTV Focus Point program that slandered Falun Gong, practitioner Liu Ruping was subjected to electric shock torture. Before he was given the electric shocks, he was beaten by inmates Wang Yunpeng and Ma Baojin. They stomped on his legs and feet, causing the toenail of his big toe to come off. Guard Li Gongming also viciously hit his head with his fist, which bruised the tops of his ears and left them swollen for over a month. After the electric shock torture, Liu Ruping was then put into solitary confinement for one week. He was only allowed to wear underwear. His inner and outer thighs were covered with blisters caused by the shocks. His mouth was swollen so much by the shocks that he couldn't eat anything. He had no food for a week. His feet and legs were swollen so badly due to being stomped on that he limped for over six months. At the end of the year, Guard Zheng Wanxin increased his term by an two months.

3. The guards in the camp often make the practitioners face a wall for a long time, force them to sit on a small stool for long hours, deprive them of sleep, limit their drinking water or number of trips to the restroom, and so on.

To torture practitioners, the guards in the labor camp have come up with many methods. The tortures they use most are "facing the wall," "sitting on a stool," and being deprived of sleep. "Facing the wall" requires one to stand facing a wall or sitting in one position for more than ten hours. Practitioners are not allowed to move or change position. "Sitting on a stool" requires one to sit on a small 20cm in height stool all day long except during hard work and meals. No matter how painful it is, the practitioners are not allowed to stand up or move around and must maintain a so-called "standard" posture. This is, in fact, very painful. Sitting for three days in the summer can cause one's buttocks to fester. The blood and pus soak into one's pants and stick to the stool, which causes extreme pain when standing up or sitting down.

Newcomers are normally grouped and forced to undergo brainwashing first. Then the practitioners who refuse to be brainwashed or who declare their statement void are tortured by having to "face the wall," being hung up, or being shocked. For those who still persist in their belief, they are held in the No. 6 Division for further persecution. Practitioners only get two hours of sleep a night and have to sit on a stool for long hours. After 2006, most of the steadfast practitioners were sent to the "strict control team" for long term persecution.

In February 2006, there were "strict control teams" in both the No. 7 and No. 8 Divisions, and a series of persecution measurements were implemented. Some inmates took turns to watch and torture the practitioners in the "strict control team." Practitioners had to "face the wall", "sit on a stool" and were deprived of sleep. They were also forced to work for long hours. In April, after Jiang Zemin came to Shandong Province, the torture of practitioners was intensified. Guard Luo Guangrong in the No. 8 Division announced that the practitioners in the "strict control team" would go to bed at midnight and get up at 4:30 a.m.; there would be only two cups of water per day and five trips to the restroom. To maintain such strict rules, the head of the "strict control team," Zhu Zhenlin, beat all of the practitioners in the team.

On April 26, 2006, in order to brainwash practitioner Liu Ruping in the "strict control team" of the No. 8 Division, the guard sent Liu to the team in the No. 7 Division. Liu and other practitioners in the "strict control team" of the No. 7 Division were deprived of sleep for four days and nights. Later, four of the practitioners in the No. 7 Division continued to be deprived of sleep. They were only allowed to sleep one hour a day and were forced to stand for the rest of the day. Such torture lasted for a month, which injured practitioner Liang Shuxin's feet and joints and he was unable to walk for long time. Since most of the practitioners in the No.7 Division wrote solemn statements to void the ones made under forced brainwashing, the second "strict control team" was set up in June, and more than 40 practitioners were held in the "strict control teams," which was one third of all the practitioners. In order to "maintain order," Fan Lincheng, head of the team, often beat and verbally abused the practitioners. He beat almost every practitioner in the team.

4. The guards in the labor camp tightly restricted practitioners' phone calls and carelessly destroyed practitioners' letters or withheld their letters, which violated practitioners' right to communicate.

Hardly any of the steadfast practitioners are allowed to make phone calls. Letters written by practitioners are checked carefully and often destroyed. Most of the letters to practitioners are delayed or are not even delivered. In 2006, there were periods that the practitioners in the "strict control team" were not allowed to purchase food. The food provided was only one steamed bun per meal and not enough at all. Some practitioners wrote about their situation in the letters to their families or reported it to higher authorities. All such letters were intercepted and destroyed. Once Guard Jing Xusheng tore up a registered letter to the procurator's court in front of many practitioners in the "strict control team." In order to prevent any news from leaving the camp, Zheng Wanxin in the No. 8 Division withheld all the letters to practitioner Liu Ruping in 2007. When Liu was released on May 28, he was given back some of the letters.

Practitioners are served poor quality food and not much of it. They are given vegetables in broth with dirt left at the bottom of the bowl and steamed buns that are often not fully cooked. They are discriminated against. The practitioners in the "strict control team" are not allowed to eat in the cafeteria and are not allowed to purchase food. They are not given enough food to eat.

Medical conditions in the labor camp are very primitive. All the doctors and nurses lack skill and professional ethics. After a female nurse with the nickname of "One Shot" gave an injection to a practitioner, the practitioner became disabled and was never able to walk again.

The shop across from the gate of the labor camp is owned by the younger brother of the Party head in the labor camp. It is just one of many opportunities for corruption. People in the gate office and the visitors' office have certain rights and corruption is widespread.

Wangcun Forced Labor Camp houses organized crime and specializes in the abuse of power, violence, and preying on its victims.