(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner from Yi County in Liaoning Province. In September 2001, Yi County police arrested and imprisoned me at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for two years and four months. I experienced all kinds of excruciating persecution there. In attempts to force me to abandon my Falun Gong practice, they subjected me to many types of abuse.

My first incarceration began in August 2001. Yi County police officials first sent me to a detention center where I went on a nine-day hunger strike to protest, and was eventually released. Seventeen days after returning home, Communist agents arrested me again on September 28, 2001, and took me to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp on September 29.

On the fourth day the guards began torturing me using more than ten types of the most cruel and indecent methods. As a result I became physically crippled and suffered great mental agony. The following is what they did to me:

1. Metal chair: I was forcibly restrained on a metal chair, with my arms tightly bound, unable to move. I could neither stand up nor squat, only sit on the icy-cold metal chair for 15 days.

2. My arms were tied to a heating radiator with my body bent over. The radiator consists of five pieces. In the middle there are two steel hooks to hold the radiator to the wall. My hands were affixed to each hook. I could neither sit down nor stand up. It was extremely uncomfortable. My arms eventually became black and blue. I was tied onto that radiator for two months with my body in a bent over position.

3. My hands were tied behind my back, and then tied to the hooks on the radiator, and I was deprived of sleep. I was tortured like this for two months. Someone was assigned to monitor me the entire night, to assure I did not fall asleep. If I closed my eyes or fell down from being sleepy, the person monitoring would beat me. My legs swelled from this long-term standing, and bloody marks appeared on my wrists from the handcuffs, which are still visible now.

4. My hands were cuffed behind my back to the radiator water pipe. I could only sit on a very small chair, with my legs protruding. My arms became black and blue, and my legs could hardly support me, and experienced penetrating pain. Later, they removed the small chair and made me sit on the concrete floor.

5. My arms and legs were tied to a bed. I was tied spread-eagle onto a bed, unable to move. As time went by, I experienced pain all over my body. I was tied in this position for several days, during which time I was forbidden to use the toilet.

6. I was tied in a chair in a small triangle-shaped room for more than three months. There is a special triangular room, which is used especially to abuse Falun Gong practitioners. It contains a long, narrow chair with a low backrest. With my hands pulled behind my back and cuffed to the backrest, I could neither stand up nor lie down. I was tied there for more than three months.

7. My arms were tied onto the hook of a vertical heating radiator in the hallway. The height of the hook was higher than I could reach, and I had to stand with only my toes touching the ground. The hook is specially set up for abusing practitioners. With two sides of my body (hands and legs) stretched for a long time, it was unbearable. I was tortured like this for a week.

8. I was tied to the coldest radiator in the hallway. While tied there I was wearing only thin pants. I had to sit on the concrete floor for the entire night and was deprived of sleep. The floor is extremely cold and penetrates to the bone. I eventually lost consciousness. I was tied like this for ten days.

9. My hands were tied behind my back, and my neck was tied to my feet with a rope. I was restrained, being unable to raise my head. No one is able to endure this. After forty minutes of this torture I was sweating profusely, and my heart started to show some problems. When the abusers found that this was more than I could bear they gave up.

10. I was tightly cinched with rope. The guards tied my crossed legs and arms with rope. With a hand towel, they connected my neck with my crossed legs, preventing me from raising my head. A guard shouted ferociously, "I will see whether you meditate again." I was not allowed to use the toilet. One guard tore Master's book and picture and made me sit on it. They slit Master's book into strips and pasted them to my face, cursing, "Let's fix you Dafa disciple." A guard stomped on my crossed legs and kicked my head, while another guard lay down beside me in a sexually provocative manner. I felt that my bones were fractured and my muscles and tendons had snapped. After I was tied like this for more than seven hours, my legs turned black and blue, and I couldn't move. From then on, I lost virtually all feeling in my entire body and suffered a total mental and physical collapse. I didn't recover until my mother came and took care of me for more than a month. I still have residual injuries on my legs and arms to this day.

Those who personally took part in my abuse were Su Jing, Wang Naiming, Wang Xiaofen, Huang Haiyan, and the "help and education" group personnel from Benxi City.