(Clearwisdom.net) [Note: The following is a shortened version of a longer and more detailed article that appeared on the minghui.ca website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net).]

Mr. Yu Delin, 67, from the Yudong District, Shanghai, lived in Room 201, No 4, Alley 979, Jujiaqiao Road, Pudong District, Shanghai. The area is also called the No. 4 Jinyang Neighborhood. The police had set up long-term surveillance measures and waited outside his home, then breaking in late at night on February 19, 2008. The reason they gave for the home invasion was that Yu Delin had spoken publicly with people about Falun Gong. They confiscated his Falun Gong books and arrested him. Mr. Yu is being held at Zhangjiang Custody Center in the Pudong District.

Mr. Yu Delin began Falun Gong practice in 1998 and was cured of many illnesses. He was a good person who lived by the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." He was arrested twice after July 20, 1999, and was taken to a brainwashing center, where he was tortured until one of his legs was permanently injured and he became handicapped. This is his third arrest. His disabled wife is left at home unattended.