(Clearwisdom.net) On August 1, 2007, policemen Yang Minghui (male), Wang Guilin (male), Chen Zhi (male) and Li Zhenghua (male) from the Lingyuan City Department, arrested 42 Falun Dafa practitioners in Beilu Towship, Lingyuan City. Ms. Hu Yanrong died during the process of being arrested. Ms. Li Cuizhi was tortured so badly she developed a mental disorder. Nine of these practitioners were sentenced. Five practitioners were taken to the notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

Among these practitioners, a great amount of money was extorted from twenty four of them and their families. The corrupt parties involved include: Domestic Security Division Leader of Lingyuan City Police Department, Wang Guilin (male), Deputy Leader Chen Zhi (male), Beilu Township Police Station Director Li Zhenghua (male), and the Lingyuan City Detention Center Director Li Dongchun (male).

In total, 247,500 yuan was extorted by Wang Guilin. 69,500 yuan was extorted by Chen Zhi. 35,000 yuan was extorted by Li Zhenghua. And 8700 yuan was extorted by Li Dongchun.

These four people, Wang Guilin, Chen Zhi, Li Zhenghua and Li Dongchun, continuously harassed practitioners' families by cheating, cursing, and threatening them to get as much cash as possible. Ms. Li Cuizhi, a resident of Dayushulin Village, Beilu Township, was persecuted so badly she developed a mental disorder. Eight thousand yuan was extorted from her family members. There was no paperwork or receipts for the cash taken.

Related personnels:

Wang Guilin, the director of National Security Section: 86-421-6891665, 86-13704917349 (Cell)
Chen Zhi, the deputy director of National Security Section: 86-13842156895 (Cell)
Li Zhenghua, the director of the Beilu Township Police Station: 86-13904211141 (Cell)
Li Dongchun, the director of the Lingyuan City Detention Center: 86-421-6901835, 86-13942176005 (Cell)

March 9, 2008