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5. Escaping from a forced labor camp in another dimension

The forced labor camps I saw in other dimensions appear the same as the ones in this dimension. The only difference was that the camps there contained many more evil beings and covered greater areas than the ones here.

The camp there had a huge, blood-filled pond in its center. Surrounding the pond were demons in guard uniforms. Many monsters were watching. They watched the bloody pond very closely. Dafa practitioners were inside the pond, covered in blood. Each practitioner was curled up, sleeping inside an egg, like unborn babies. Babies draw nutrients from their mothers', while the practitioners inside the eggs were bleeding, giving away their blood. The demons and monsters sucked up the blood as a source of energy.

If a practitioner in this surface dimension woke up and his or her righteous thoughts emerged, then the egg in the other dimension would break, and the practitioner inside would wake up.

I would like to tell how my righteous thoughts allowed me to escape the forced labor camp I encountered in another dimension. I feel that it is exactly the same as practitioners escaping from labor camps and prisons in this dimension. We rely on our pure righteous thoughts, and our absolute faith in Dafa.

Waking up inside the egg, I saw a deep cut on my neck bleeding profusely. I immediately wanted to get out of there. I didn't want them persecuting me, but the monsters on duty immediately found me. I said mentally, "Mie!" (eliminate) "You cannot make a sound." They indeed stopped making noise. This appeared very simple, but it required total confidence; not even a bit of doubt. I wholeheartedly believed that they could not and would not make noise. My belief was as certain as knowing that after sundown, comes dark. As I understood it at the time, only such absolutely firm and righteous thoughts could make it work.

After overcoming that, I came to a big metal gate. I sent righteous thoughts to make the gate open. I firmly believed that I could open it, and that it should automatically open. Thus the gate indeed opened, reflecting my total conviction. I flew out. I looked down from a low altitude, and saw many layers of evil beings. They were carrying guns as if on patrol. I willed my righteous thoughts to make me invisible to them. Please, remember that this belief was absolute; I knew that my righteous thoughts would work just as surely as I knew water would run from the faucet when I turned it on. I had not even a trace of doubt and hesitation. Thus I escaped the evil beings' notice.

I kept sending righteous thoughts and came to a wall on the very outskirts of the camp. I felt a little tired and unknowingly slacked my righteous thoughts. The evil beings immediately saw me. They aimed their guns at me and opened fire. I remembered that Master once said that in His early years of spreading the Fa, that evil beings wanted to freeze Him, so He made Himself colder than the evil beings. I knew that the bullets were hard; so, I thought that my body would be harder than the bullets; that the bullets had no way to penetrate my body; that firing bullets at me was like tossing eggs against a rock. In end, no bullets could penetrate my body. I finally came to the front of the electric wire fence. The fence was very dense, just like a very tight spider web. While sending righteous thoughts, I thought, "I can get through you, fence, and when I appear in front of you, you simply melt away. I rushed toward the without hesitation, and I indeed went through, as if the electric fence didn't even exist. I had escaped the camp completely!

I kept sending righteous thoughts throughout this experience. I maintained the mindset of absolute belief that my righteous thoughts would achieve the intended goal, and as I understand it, for this reason I was bound to succeed. The thought of failure did not exist. The only result I expected was the result I wanted. I strengthened my righteous thoughts and had not even a trace of hesitation.

If we don't hold onto our human notions, we are bound to succeed. Our divine powers are mighty.

Here I would like to suggest that practitioners collectively send righteous thoughts to strengthen those who are still detained. We should all firmly hold righteous thoughts that those detained can escape. If we all firmly believe that those who are detained are able to get out, they will definitely get out. I know of one woman who was closely watched and put in shackles. Eventually she escaped from the detention center with the power of her righteous thoughts. How did she do it? She enlarged the opening that was used to hand in food to become the size of a man, and crawled out through the opening. It seemed as if the multiple layers of gates had not existed, and all the guards were just straw men.

There are many such examples. Fellow practitioners, why don't we use our divine powers to escape from detention centers? Why do we doubt the effectiveness of our divine powers? We should not assume that our divine powers do not exist, merely because we can neither see nor feel them. When we want to use our righteous thoughts to get out, we will succeed. Even the evil beings cannot stop this, because this power has been bestowed upon us by Dafa.

(To be continued)