(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of February 29, 2008, the first show of the Chinese Spectacular in Paris was performed in Palais des Congres de Paris. It is the second time Divine Performing Arts visits Paris, the art capital of the world, and once again the audience was deeply moved by the performance.

The show not only has added new programs, but also now includes a live orchestra of more than fifty musicians. There were also more stage performers than last year. The first show concluded amidst the audience's enthusiastic applause.

Audience of the Chinese Spectacular

Audience of the Chinese Spectacular

Member of Parliament (MP) Francois Scellier enjoys the show

MP Francois Scellier and president of the Val d'Oise regional council and his wife Jarce Framcine said after watching the show that the performance was fantastic. They thought the costumes were very beautiful and Chinese drum performance was unique and powerful.

MP Scellier thought that the Erhu performance was incredible and unique with a beautiful sound.

Ms. Framcine said, "This is the first time I have seen a Chinese performance like this. It is awesome. All of the performances were very good."

A Senator's Assistant: The performance rich in hope and refreshing

The assistant to a senator said the choreography of the performances was very good and well-executed

An assistant to a senator said in interview, "I liked the costumes and all the various aspects of traditional Chinese culture contained in the show."

"This show is rich in hope and refreshing. It inspires people and elevates their thinking. Not only was the show well-choreographed, but the dances were full of meaning. All of the performers were so well coordinated and expressive."

Former opera performer and his family commend the show

Jean Pierre Volke used to be an opera performer and visited China three times. He, his wife, and his mother-in-law watched the show together. His mother-in-law said she liked each performance.

Family of former opera performer Jean Pierre Volke (right) commend the show

Mr. Volke's wife, who does opera stage design, said that the colors of the show were outstanding and beautifully exhibited Chinese culture.

Graceful dancing and harmonious colors

Jean Pierre Vincent, an employee of French Railway Transpiration Company, and his wife watched the show

Jean Pierre Vincent, an employee of French Railway Transportation Company, said, "This is an awesome show with graceful dancing and wonderful colors. It also presents the value of freedom. We are so glad we came."

Chinese audience members: The show is fantastic and very touching

Ms. Wang (left), her daughter (first from right) and niece (middle), who just came to France to study from Shandong, China, attended the Chinese Spectacular

Ms. Wang from China and her daughter and niece, who just came to France to study from Shandong, China, said happily to the reporter that the show was fantastic and very touching.

Her daughter said, "Not only the dancing and music were very good, but the programs about Falun Gong touched me."

Hong Kong girls were happy to see the show

well-known Palais des congres de Paris

The Chinese Spectacular continue to put on the show in Palais des congres de Paris on March 1 and 2, which will complete the 4-show run in Paris.