(Clearwisdom.net) [Note: The following is a shortened version of a longer and more detailed article that appeared on the minghui.ca website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net).]

On October 1, 2007, when seven Falun Gong practitioners - Ms. Zhang Mengxia, Ms. Xu Shuqin, Ms. Wang Cuihua, Ms. Li Liping, Ms. Huang Xiaoli, Ms. Zhang Yuehua, and Ms. Zhao Fengxia - from Zunhua City, Tangshan, Hebei Province, drove a car to Qingdongling to clarify the truth, they were illegally arrested and taken to a brainwashing center (Zunhua Municipal Detention Center) by officers from the Qingdongling Police Station, National Security in Zunhua City, and the 610 Office. They were insulted, beaten, and shocked with electric batons.

Afterwards, the room that Ms. Zhang Mengxia, Ms. Li Liping, Ms. Huang Xiaoli, and Ms. Zhao Fengxia rented together was ransacked, and several thousand yuan were stolen. Ms. Zhang Yuehua's computer was confiscated, Ms. Xu Shuqin's basement was ransacked, and Ms. Wang Cuihua's home was ransacked.

Around October 5, 2007, Ms. Zhang Mengxia, Ms. Xu Shuqin, Ms. Wang Cuihua, Ms. Li Liping, and Ms. Zhao Fengxia were transferred to a jail. They staged a hunger strike to protest the persecution and were barbarically force-fed. According to someone with inside information, she once saw Ms. Zhang Mengxia in prison after she was barbarically force-fed. There was blood on her hands and face and she looked terrible.

Ms. Zhang Mengxia, about 40 years old, was an employee of Shirengou Iron Mine. Because she did not give up her belief in Dafa, she was laid off by her company and she only got 300 yuan for her living expenses.

Ms. Huang Xiaoli, about 30 years old, began a protest hunger strike in the brainwashing center. As a result, the police barbarically force-fed her and beat her. She was badly injured and sent to the hospital where she was found to have hepatitis. After her family members had 4,000 yuan extorted from them, Ms. Huang was released.

Ms. Zhang Yuehua, about 30 years old, was an employee of the Zunhua Municipal Electrical Power Office. After she was sent to a brainwashing center in Tangshan (the location is still being verified) for more than three weeks, she was transferred to Zunhua Municipal Detention Center.

Ms. Zhao Fengxia, about 60 years old, is from Xinglong County, Hebei Province. It is not clear where she was taken after she was transferred to Xinglong County.

Around November 5, 2007, Ms. Zhang Mengxia, Ms. Xu Shuqin, Ms. Wang Cuihua, and Ms. Li Liping were arrested officially and turned over to the Procuratorate.

Currently, Ms. Zhang Mengxia, Ms. Xu Shuqin, Ms. Wang Cuihua and Ms. Li Liping are illegally imprisoned. Ms. Zhang Yuehua is in the Zunhua Detention Center.