(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Sun Guanzhou, 62 and a Falun Gong practitioner, lived in Yuzhou City, Henan Province. On March 3, 2008, three domestic security agents and three other agents ransacked his home, claiming they were checking for computer viruses. They instead arrested him and took him to the city detention center. Only seven days later he was dead.

Mr. Sun Guanzhou

Mr. Sun was a professor of Chinese at Yuzhou City Education College, where employed teachers take courses. When he began cultivating Falun Dafa in June 1998, all of his long term sicknesses disappeared, and he became a living miracle to all who knew how sick he was before.

At around 9 a.m. on March 3, 2008, Mr. Sun was eating at home when Domestic Security agents Xia Yuxiao, Geng Sontao, Zhao Naicheng and three other agents (all male) ransacked his home using the excuse of checking his computer for viruses and arrested him. They had no warrants. They took him to the city detention center that same night.

On the morning of March 6, 2008, symptoms of Mr. Sun Guanzhou's old diseases suddenly reappeared, and the police notified his wife. She and they took him to Beiguan Hospital. The doctor said that he had asthma and high blood pressure, and his condition was not suitable for remaining in detention. His wife demanded that he be admitted to the hospital, but the secret agents would not allow it. His family then asked agent Geng Songtao to release Mr. Sun. Geng Songtao demanded 25 thousand yuan. Mr. Sun's wife could only come up with five thousand yuan, which Geng refused, saying it was not enough to get Mr. Sun released and that "I don't make the decision."

At around 8 p.m. on March 9, 2008, Mr. Sun's wife received a phone call to return to the hospital. When she arrived, she saw Mr. Sun's cold body. She was distraught! Agents tried to keep her from the body and tried to force her to sign the papers to have his body cremated. She cried out, "I want him alive!" Then she fainted. All the agents quickly escaped, leaving her in the morgue.

On the afternoon of March 10, 2008, Mr. Sun's wife went to the hospital again to see his body, but the agents refused to allow her to see her dead husband. They again tried to force her to sign the cremation papers. Mr. Sun's wife has tried to get help from lawyers. All the lawyers know this is typical of the persecution, so no one has dared to accept her as a client.

Domestic Division Leader Xia Yuxiao (male) of Yuzhou City Police Department: 86-374-8193666, 86-13700895361 (Cell)
Domestic Division CCP Secretary Cui Xusheng (male) of Yuzhou City Police Department: 86-374-8190235, 86-13608432369 (Cell)
Domestic Division Deputy Leader Geng Songtao (male) of Yuzhou City Police Department: 86-13569946697 (Cell)

Yuzhou City Detention Center Director Dong Jianbin (male): 86-374-8193888, 86-13903998878 (Cell)
Yuzhou City 610 Office: 86-374-8279720
Yuzhou City 610 Office Chair Liu Zhanwen (male): 86-374-8118588, 86-13937488589 (Cell)
Yuzhou City 610 Office member Chen Yumin (gender unknown): 86-13937498120 (Cell)
Yuzhou City 610 Office member Zhang Xiaohua (gender unknown): 86-374-8960011 (Xiaolingtong)
Yuzhou City 610 Office member Li Wei (gender unknown): 86-13782301800 (Cell)

Chengguan Police Station Director Peng Junhong (gender unknown), Deputy Director Hao Xinnian (male): 86-13903747769 (Cell)
Another Deputy Director Bai Xiaohui (male): 86-374-8177671, 86-13849857608 (Cell)

March 15, 2008