(Clearwisdom.net) A practitioner who began Falun Dafa cultivation in 1995 has partial celestial vision, and can often see many wonderful scenes in other dimensions. A fellow practitioner encouraged him to write down what he had seen to encourage fellow practitioners to strive forward more diligently and to improve.

In February 2008, this practitioner was doing the second exercise, the "Falun Standing Stance." He was "Holding the Wheel above the Head" and had been tranquil for about ten minutes. He felt his body in this dimension disappear and his body in the other dimension become transparent. A large, golden lotus flower appeared at his lower abdomen and expanded upwards with his expanding body. His body and the golden lotus flower were so gigantic that they filled the entire universe. His mind was tranquil, without a single unrighteous thought. He felt at peace and as if he were towering over everything. This lasted over 20 minutes.

This practitioner can become tranquil without much difficulty. He often meditates for two or three hours and sends righteous thoughts for more than 30 minutes. His celestial eye can see supernormal capabilities and energies emerging and eliminating the rotten demons. In particular, recently while he was sending righteous thoughts, he could see all kinds of supernormal capabilities coming out of his head, ears, shoulders, lower back, hip, and other areas. The capabilities included Falun, lotus flowers, lights, and electricity. The Falun and lotus flowers spun rapidly and quickly sucked the rotten demons in and melted them into original energy. The lights and electricity were followed by loud thunder, blasting the demons into ashes. He could see with his celestial eye that his bodies in all dimensions were gigantic, and all were sending righteous thoughts. Because some of the sentient beings in his universe sent righteous thoughts and some did not, he added a thought: "The beings in his own universe should send righteous thoughts together to eliminate the demons." As a result, all beings in his universe participated in sending righteous thoughts, greatly strengthening the power. All kinds of supernormal capabilities gathered and swept through the universe; large quantities of the various evil, rotten demons existing as different entities were eliminated.

He also saw different colored lights when fellow practitioners sent righteous thoughts in a group, as well as supernormal capabilities, including Falun and divine energies in the shapes of columns. They combined together and formed a giant, orange-coloured column of light, extremely powerful, sweeping through the universe. The evils were eliminated quickly. He could see that some fellow practitioners' supernormal capabilities were very strong, but they themselves could not see it as their celestial eyes were not open. As some practitioners were passing through, a lot of demons were eliminated.

He further saw that most demons in other dimensions had been eliminated, and only a few were left. Many practitioners cannot see other dimensions, so they did not make sending righteous thoughts one of their priorities. The dimensional fields they are responsible for are not yet cleansed, thus giving the evil an opportunity for continued existence.

This practitioner realized that Master had opened his celestial eye according to his individual groundwork, origin, and mission, in order for him to fully play the role that he should play.

We hereby remind fellow practitioners that all Dafa practitioners are capable. Although many practitioners cannot see other dimensions, practitioners' righteous thoughts are extremely powerful. We must believe in Master and the Fa, trust our own abilities, and not get attached to the opening of the celestial eye. We must pay attention to sending righteous thoughts and do the three things well.