(Clearwisdom.net) The brother-in-law of a Shenyang practitioner, Mr. A, is a retired judge in his 50s. He was heavily poisoned by the Communist Party culture. Although he had been pushed aside politically and forced to retire early because he did not want to be corrupt, he still trusted the CCP and did not want to listen to the truth about Dafa.

The judge had been healthy, but suddenly developed a liver infection. He tried all sorts of medication, but none worked. His son was rich and took him everywhere to see doctors, but nothing worked and he didn't know where to turn next.

Hearing this, Mr. A went to see the judge to tell him the facts about Falun Gong. The judge wouldn't even let Mr. A talk. His impression of Dafa was totally based on the vicious lies of the CCP propaganda.

The judge's illness quickly got worse. In the bright light of day he would say to his family members that he had seen little demons lining up behind him waiting for him to die.

Mr. A and other practitioners discussed the situation and decided that they needed to give the judge a last chance. A few days before Chinese New Year's day, they decided to go wish him a Happy New Year in order to tell him the facts about Falun Gong and urge him to quit the CCP. Slowly the judge began to listen. Then a practitioner said to him, "You think that we are trying to topple the CCP government. But think about it: you are so sick now and you could die at any time. What would we gain from your agreeing to quit the CCP? We truly cherish your life; we truly came here to save you." The practitioner's benevolence immediately moved him and he agreed to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. He sighed, "I was deceived by the CCP."

Mr. A thought: "Although he has quit the CCP, what he has said and done has harmed Dafa and created a great deal of karma for himself. Now he is dying. Master, please give him another chance to make up for what he has done. As a person, he is one of the more righteous. Also, he once did me a great favor."

Very soon, a miracle occurred. For the first three days of the Chinese New Year, the judge did not close his eyes. He told his family members what he had clearly seen: He saw that he was walking ahead and almost fell into a pit so deep that he could not see the bottom. Luckily, someone came over and held his hand and led him away from that horrible pit. Then, with all his strength, he strove to climb a high mountain and finally reached the top. He saw an incomparably majestic and beautiful new cosmos. A Buddha and immortals came to welcome him.

He described the beauty and grandeur of the new cosmos in great detail. He said that the Buddha who came to welcome him had asked: "Do you know why an originally healthy person like you suddenly got seriously ill? Because you did not believe the facts about Dafa and were against Dafa. If you had continued doing what you were doing, you would have incurred more and more karma."

Later he urged his son not to blindly try and make money, "The money you make is nothing. You won't be able to bring any of your riches to the afterlife." At first his family thought he was talking nonsense. But when they asked him about his experiences over the past ten years, he could describe them in vivid detail, and could discuss profoundly all the rights and wrongs in his life. Everyone of his words made good sense and he was by no means confused.

Three days later the judge calmly passed away. He had influenced his family, and the CCP had poisoned their minds in the past, so they did not believe in Buddha and immortals and did not believe in the truth about Dafa. After this incident, they suddenly changed their opinion. They listened intently when practitioners told them the facts about Dafa.