(Clearwisdom.net) On the first day of this Chinese New Year, while Mr. Kuang Shitai, a Falun Gong practitioner from Tongnan County, Chongqing City, was home alone, several officers from the local police station suddenly came and surrounded his home. They ordered him to turn in his daughter, Ms. Kuang Wenying. Over the past several years, Ms. Kuang Wenying has been illegally detained and sent to forced labor camps. For the past few years, to avoid being arrested and persecuted again, she has led a vagrant life. She did not dare to go home to visit her father at all, let alone spend Chinese New Year with him.

Kuang Shitai is a 57-year-old farmer, who used to have a happy life with his wife, son, and daughter. They never imagined that their son would die in a disaster in 1996. His wife could not withstand this huge blow. Unable to eat or drink for seven days, she fainted. Kuang Shitai was himself also deeply grieved over the loss of his beloved son. They were miserable. At that time, he heard about Falun Gong and started to practice it. He advised his wife, using Falun Gong principles, which helped her understand the principles of life and gradually helped restore her to a normal life. After one and half years, the three members of his family all practiced Falun Gong, believed in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," and tried to be even better than what most people though of as good. The laughter that was missing for one and half years returned to their family.

But that happiness did not last long. In 1999, the Chinese Communist Party and Jiang's regime started to viciously persecute Falun Gong. Their whole family had benefited from Falun Gong. They did not want to give up their faith in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. They remained resolute in their practice.

In 2000, their daughter was sent to a forced labor camp for a one-year term. Her term was extended to one and half years for no reason. Having stayed home for only ten days after being released, their daughter had to leave home and move from place to place to avoid being re-arrested. Mr. Kuang Shitai was forced to leave home in July 2000. In October 2002, he and his wife were arrested while they were distributing truth clarifying materials and were sent to a forced labor camp. His wife, Ms. Guo Sulan, suffered poor health due to persecution and the forced labor camp refused to take her in. She could not go home either and had to remain homeless. After one year of painful suffering, she passed away in November 2003.

Their daughter took her mother's ashes home to bury them. That same night, before her mother was buried, she was surrounded by several dozen of policemen from the local police station, but managed to escape with wisdom.

Only after he returned home after serving his term in 2004 did Kuang Shitai learn of his wife's death because of the persecution, and he learned that his daughter had needed to remain homeless. Now he lives alone, in an empty house. His family was destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party

In 2007, daughter Ms. Kuang Wenying, applied to Mixin Police Station for a new identity card. But when her relatives went to the police station to fetch her identity card, the officers took her identity card away and demanded that her relatives turn her in. The police searched everywhere for her and even harassed her relatives at home.

On February 7, 2008, Chinese New Year, Mr. Kuang Shitai was spending the Chinese New Year at home alone when Mixin police officers broke into his home and searched everywhere for Kuang Wenying.

Mixing Police Station Chief Zhang Yiyong: 86-23-44815530