(Clearwidsom.net) On December 31, 2007, my third oldest sister was hospitalized. She was in serious condition: her whole body was swollen; she had cardiac hypertrophy, her heart vibrated; she could not eat anything. On January 3, I went to the hospital to visit her. I almost could not recognize her. Her son and daughter told me in the hallway that this was the second time in the past month that their mother had been hospitalized. They feared that she would not recover this time. The doctor told them that they would have to continuously care for their mother and that she could be in danger anytime. Thus, her children prepared for her death.

I believe that Dafa can save my sister, so I told her to sincerely repeat the words "Falun Dafa is Good", "Zhen-Shan-Ren is good." I also told her that I would bring Master's recording to her so that she could listen. She said that she could not listen because of her heart vibration. Her son also said that she could not listen because she was afraid of sound. I told them that it was not an ordinary tape, so she could listen.

Three days later, I brought a tape player and Master's recording to the hospital. I prayed to Master on the way, "Master, please save her, she respects Buddha; but her son and daughter are members of the evil CCP. They could not accept quitting from the CCP. If my sister is saved, it can also save her whole family and other people as they see the mighty power of Dafa." After arriving at the hospital, I held the earphone for my sister, and she listened intently.

I later returned to the hospital to visit her again. When I entered the room, my sister was sitting on the bed, clearly enjoying the succulent fruit she was eating. Her swollen body had returned to normal; her heart did not vibrate anymore, and her stomach was comfortable - she could eat anything. I asked her how much she listened the Fa. She said that she recovered only after listening to the entire tape. She would continue to listen once she returned home in two days.

It's miraculous! A person at death's door turned the corner just because she sincerely believes "Falun Dafa is good". She was able to return home in just ten days. Now that she is home, my sister listens Master's Fa every day. She really appreciates our great compassionate Master.

I have written this in order to let more people benefit.