(Clearwisdom.net) At 10:00 a.m. on March 6, 2008, police officers from the criminal division of Dehui City Police Department, together with people from the Changchun City Police Department, arrested two practitioners in Dehui City. Local police officer Lin Yingqi led the those police officers to the Chalukou Town No. Eight Middle School. These persecutors arrested Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Chen Xuedong and Geng Jisheng, both of whom are teachers at the school. From there, the police went to Chen Xuedong's house and ransacked it. They confiscated a computer, a printer, a color inkjet printer and some other personal belongings. They also beat Chen in his own home. According to a source, Chen Xuedong was sent to Changchun City for further persecution.

At 3:30 p.m. on March 6, 2008, Dehui City and Xiajiadian Police Station officers arrested practitioners Lu Shufeng, Sun Fei, Meng Lingli and Mr. Xia from Xiajiadian Town. Practitioner Gao Hui from Dehui City was also arrested on March 6.

From February 27, 2008, Dehui police have arrested more than 30 practitioners. The police also harassed practitioners from several townships, including those in Dehui, Yanshu, Wutai, Dafangshen, Biangang, Chaoyang, Chalukou and Xiajiadian.

The CCP regime has apparently ordered mass arrests prior to the Olympic Games.

The following are phone numbers and addresses of some responsible persons:

Chalukou Town Police Station head Feng Qiao, 86-15904414475
Deputy head Xiao Xueqiang, 86-15904409924
Officer Zou Wanming, 86-15904414476; Jiang Yuehai, 86-15904414477; Lin Yingqi, 86-15904414478; Zhu Xitian, 86-15904414479

Responsible agencies and persons in Dehui City:
Dehui City 610 Office Head Li Yuke, 86-431-87216610 (o), 87234600 (h), 86-13364633706 (cell); Office address: 610 Office, 3rd Floor, Dehui City Hotel

Dehui City Police Department:
Police Chief Zhang Guochen, 86-431-87222192 (o), 83209999 (h), 86-13943101001, 15904400460 (cell)
Political Commissar Li Jin, 86-15904400461
Deputy Chief Zhao Hongcai, 86-15904400463
Deputy Chief Wang Shuxin, 86-431-87238208 (o), 87276698 (h), 86-15904400466 (c)
Police Disciplinary Secretary Fan Bu, 86-15904400465
Political Security Section Chief Zhao Yujie, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87224923 (h), 86-15904409843 (c)
National Security Division Leader Zhang Qingchun, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87264567 (h), 86-15904409842 (c)
Deputy Leader Sun Chengshan, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87218616 (h), 86-15904409844 (c)

Internal Affairs Police
Officer Wang Feng, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87276626 (h), 86-15904409852 (c)
Officer Yang Yanqiu, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87264217 (h), 86-15904409847 (c)

Police Officers:
Wang Tiejun, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87219696 (h), 86-15904409556 (c)
Gong Hongwei, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87217875 (h), 86-15904409845 (c)
Zhang Dehui, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87271168 (h), 86-13844922977 (c), 15904409846 (c)
Ge Xuquan, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87263268 (h), 86-13364697108 (c), 15904409849 (c)
Fei Yanhong, 86-431-87222053 (o), 86-15904409848 (c)
Cheng Entai, 86-431-87222053 (o), 86-15904409850 (c)
Lou Xingyan, 86-431-87222053 (o), 87237766 (h), 86-15904409851 (c)