(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of January 3, 2008, the head of the Doumen District 610 Office in Zhuhai in Guangdong Province, Wu Zebo, again sent police to monitor Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhao Juanjuan's home. At around 5 pm, six or seven police officers broke into Zhao Juanjuan's home and ransacked it. They took away his printer, Falun Dafa books, a photo of Teacher Li, truth-clarifying materials, and other personal belongings. They even took away Zhao Juanjuan's notebook, in which he wrote some Falun Gong related content.

On the morning of January 18, 2008, Zhao Juanjuan was accosted by the CCP police again on the street. She did not cooperate with them. Four police officers (three male and one female) besieged her and forcedly lifted her into the vehicle and took her to the Third Detention Center in Zhuhai. Because Zhao Juanjuan exceeded the age limit, the detention center did not accept her. So, the police took her to the Second Detention Center. But the Second Detention Center also refused to accept her, due to her health condition. The police then sent her to the Zhuhai City People's Hospital to do a physical exam and then sent her back to the Second Detention Center. But the detention center still refused to accept her.

During the whole process, Zhao Juanjuan did not cooperate with the CCP police's persecution. The police brutally forced her into and out of the vehicle, continuously abusing her. Since none of the detention centers would accept her, she was taken back home at 5pm.

The director of the two arresting officers was Wu Zebo, the head of the Doumen District 610 Office in Zhuhai. He has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners many times.

Before Zhao Juanjuan started to practice Falun Gong, she suffered from illnesses and it was very painful. After she started to practice Falun Gong, her health condition became very good and her mind became fresh. Since July 1999, she was put into a brainwashing class and a forced labor camp by the CCP many times. The CCP even sent her to a mental hospital to torture her. She twice became homeless to avoid arrest. In June 2004, she was arrested again in Guangzhou. She was cuffed and blindfolded. She was transfered to many places and was finally detained at the brainwashing class in the Minfu Hotel in Zhuhai. On December 2, 2005, about half a year after she was released, she was arrested again, together with her daughter, Lu Jianwen. Lu Jianwen is an English teacher in the Fourth Elementary School in Doumen District. She was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor for practicing Falun Gong.

Zhao Juanjuan was illegally sentenced to three years in December 2005. Because her age exceeded the age limit and her physical exam did not go well, the Guangdong Province Women Prison did not accept her. The CCP had to change the sentence to house arrest. When it was a CCP "sensitive day," CCP personnel monitored her home and followed her when she was out. On June 25, 2007, Zhao Juanjuan went to the Guangzhou Women Prison to visit her daughter, Lu Jianwen, who was illegally sentenced to three years in prison. Just half an hour after she left, the local police station sent police to look for her at her home. When they found out that she went to Guangzhou, they were very nervous. They threatened her husband and forced him to call her to ask her come back immediately. During the few days after she left, the 610 Office called her home every day and sent police to harass her husband every day. She went back home on June 28, 2007. On the morning of June 29, the police station and the local residents' committee sent three people to monitor her. They used a stool to climb up to the roof to peep in on her from the vented window on the roof. Two more people guarded her front door at all times from 6 o'clock in the morning until 12 o'clock at night.