(Clearwisdom.net) Many fellow practitioners in China cling to an attitude of helplessness, and resign themselves to the fate of an evil environment in China and the persecution. They are reacting passively. Some people have passed along information indicating that in some areas the Chinese Communist regime agents checked all households, and made an arrest, so they urged everyone to be more careful. The evil Communist regime never stopped the persecution. These incorrect thoughts are a sign that we are acknowledging the arrangements of the evil old forces.

When we have the attachment of fear, then an environment of fear is created. But this fear is not part of our real selves. This is what the evil has forced upon us and it originates from self-centered perceptions formed after birth. We should correct our minds and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate this environment and evil elements arranged by the evil old forces. We must have the determination to eradicate the evil, and do it non-stop until all the evil is destroyed.

Diligent and truly cultivating practitioners encounter less interference. The evil will continue to take advantage of the attachments we have not purged through cultivation.

This is my personal understanding during my cultivation.