(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts Company arrived in Tainan on February 29 to perform the first of twenty two Chinese New Year Spectacular shows in Taiwan.

Hsie Shijie, the secretary of mayor Hsu Tiancai, issues a proclamation to the Divine Performing Arts.

Li Wencheng, a city council member, at the reception

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The flower arrangement is from Legislative Member Lai Chingte and city council members Hsiao Boren and Chen Tsonghsiu

Congratulatory letters from government officials in Tainan 

The mayors of Tainan City and Tainan County both sent congratulatory letters to the Divine Performing Arts. Several city council members and Legislative Members also attended the reception and brought gifts.

Hsie Chijie, the mayor of Tainan City, thanked the Divine Performing Arts for holding the first show of the Spectacular in Tainan. He said the show will encourage the arts community in Tainan and he hoped more traditional cultural shows would be held here. He wished big success for the show, and hoped the audience would sense the spirits of the dancers.

Vena Li, the Assistant Company Manager, Kaili and Jared, the hosts of the show, Michelle Ren, the choreographer, and Wu Xuntian, a dancer, attended the reception.

Ms. Vena Li said, "The Divine Performing Arts shows were very successful last year, as audiences all over the world warmly welcomed us. We realize our responsibility of restoring the righteous traditional culture, which will bring hope to the whole world. So, we formed two groups this year, trained more young performers and made more costumes. After the shows at Radio City in New York, one of the groups went to Europe and the other came to Asia. Taiwan is the third country we have visited in Asia, and the first show in Taiwan will be held in Tainan."

Ms. Li said that Tainan is an old, cultural city and she hoped to have a chance to tour the town this year.

Jared Madsen, co-host of the shows, expressed that his task is to help Westerners to understand the Chinese culture. Another co-host, Kaili, said the goal of the arts troupe is to demonstrate the purely true, compassionate and beautiful divine culture.

As to the interference from the Chinese Embassy in Korea, Ms. Vena Li said: "Due to pressure from the Chinese Embassy, the theatre in Pushan run by the KBS TV station canceled the contract with us. But the interference doesn't reflect the Korean people's opinion about us. We had a big success in Seoul, and many Korean people expressed their disappointment with KBS. We will try to hold shows in Pushan in the future. The evil forces always exist, but their interference only shows people their evil nature, and cannot damage us."

 Ms. Li said: "Our goal is to restore and demonstrate the divine traditional culture, which is purely true, compassionate and beautiful. The communist regime is afraid of us because its tyrannical power will crumble as the righteous traditional culture is restored."

 Li Wencheng, a city council member of Tainan, and Hong Kuofeng, a representative from Legislative Member Lai Chingte's office, gave speeches at the reception, welcoming the Divine Performing Arts Company.