(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Qinjun lives in Xingyang City, Henan Province. After becoming unemployed, he started running a bookstore with his wife. Both started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. After July 20, 1999, when the persecution of Falun Gong began, Mr. Li's wife, Ms. Zhang Xiaorong, went to Beijing to tell the real story of Falun Gong to the Chinese government. As a result, she was arrested and detained at the Sanlizhuang Detention Center. Also, Mr. Li and his five-year-old son, Li Longkun, were arrested and detained in the Xingyang City Government Hotel by officers of the Political Security Division (now called the Domestic Security Office). They were beaten severely and suffered tremendously the entire night. It was not until morning that they were allowed to go home.

In June 2000, police officers from the Political Security Division, including Xu Yongchun, Yan Feng, Zhu Haiguo, and Wang Lijian, broke into Mr. Li's bookstore, arrested him, and took him to the security division, where both he and his wife, Ms. Zhang Xiaorong, were detained. Because they had been arrested, no one was available to take care of their son, who was still attending day-care. The child didn't get picked up until a relative became aware of the situation.

While they were detained, Mr. Li Qinjun and his wife were brutally mistreated both physically and mentally by the security staff. Mr. Li's ribs were injured as a result of brutal beatings. His condition was so severe that he didn't recover for a long time after he was released.

In February 2001, Mr. Li Qinjun and other practitioners were again taken by police to the brainwashing center for four months and ten days at the School of the Chinese Communist Party in Xingyang City. During that time, officers from the Xingyang 610 Office and Political Security Division, including Zheng Feng and others, ransacked Mr. Li Qinjun's bookstore and took away goods and cash that were valued at more than 100,000 yuan. Mr. Li has requested compensation from officers Feng Songmao and Zheng Feng of the 610 Office, but nothing has yet been returned to him.

After Mr. Li Qinjun came home from the brainwashing center, he made a living by working temporary jobs. Due to his limited and unstable income, he borrowed money to again open a small bookstore.

Just as business was improving, on the morning of June 11, 2007, Mr. Li Qinjun was arrested by Zhao Weidong, team lead of the Domestic Security Office of Xingyang City, and policeman Xu Yongchun. Mr. Li was detained in Sanlizhuang Detention Center. He has now been there for more than eight months.

Mr. Li Qinjun's wife was arrested by police from the Xingyang Political Security Division without a valid reason and was detained in the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp. During her detention, Ms. Zhang was tortured until she became mentally disordered. After she returned home, she often cried or laughed strangely without rhyme or reason. Often she locked the door and ran away from her home. After Mr. Li Qinjun was arrested, his eleven-year-old son, Li Longkun, had to do the housework and take care of his five-year-old sister, Li Jingyu.