(Clearwisdom.net) On October 12, 2007, police officer Yang Yugang and several police officials from the Zhuozhou City Police Department arrested Ms. Gao Chunlian, Ms. Xing Junhua, Mr. Dong Haijie and a couple of other practitioners from Zhuozhou City. They were detained in the Zhuozhou City Detention Center. The practitioners started hunger strikes to protest their arrests. Yang and other police brutally tortured them.

Yang later sent the practitioners to Erkang Hospital in Zhuozhou City, where they were force-fed. After being tortured, several practitioners were unable to take care of themselves, and were bedridden. When the practitioners' family members requested their release, Yang told them that their cases had been handed over to the procuratorate and the Zhuozhou City Police Department and that he was no longer in charge of these cases.

At the beginning of February, 2008, around the Chinese New Year, inside information from the Zhuozhou City Police Department revealed that some practitioners suffered mental break-down in the detention center due to the persecution and that their lives are in danger. When the head of the Hebei Province 610 Office inspected the detention center, he was aware of the severity of persecution inflicted upon the three practitioners, but refused to release them. Instead, the torture was escalated.

We demand the unconditional release of the detained practitioners. At the same time, we hope that international human right organizations will come to the Zhuozhou City Police Department to investigate their crimes.

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