(Clearwisdom.net) On New Year's Day, the Divine Performing Arts New York Company Director Ms. Zhang Tiejun and several performers represented the entire Divine Performing Arts Company in sending New Years greetings to all Chinese both in mainland China and overseas. They wish all Chinese people a Happy New Year and send wishes that everything goes smoothly!

Ms. Zhang Tiejun said, "At this moment before the Chinese New Year, we want to greet Chinese people with our Divine Performing Arts shows. We wish from the bottom of our hearts that everyone can watch our performance."

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Divine Performing Arts' performers Mr. Wu Wuntian, Mr. Nie Hao, Ms. Su Xianzi, Ms. Su Wujuan, and Mr. Zhao Liang (from left to right) send greetings to Chinese people around the world

Divine Performing Arts' performers Mr. Wu Xuntian, Mr. Nie Hao, Ms. Su Xianzi, Ms. Su Wujuan, and Mr. Zhao Liang said, "New Year's greetings to all the kind-hearted Chinese people in mainland China and all over the world! Happy New Year!" They especially expressed, "We hope that one day we can perform in mainland China."

The United States Divine Performing Arts Company includes the Divine Performing Arts New York Company and the Divine Performing Arts Touring Company. Most members have Chinese origins. The performances of the Divine Performing Arts includes Chinese mythology and historical stories with a traditional form of singing and dancing. Since around Christmas time, the New York Company and Touring company have put on more than eighty shows in more than twenty cities in North America. During the Chinese New Year season, from January 30 to February 9, 2008, these two companies combined together in New York to present 15 Global Chinese New Year Splendor shows in Radio City Music Hall.

Divine Performing Arts Company Director Ms. Zhang Tiejun

Performances by the Divine Performing Arts have been well received by audiences of different nationalities and backgrounds, including world-class musicians, dancers, business owners, and scholars.

Why have the DPA shows been so popular? Ms. Zhang Tiejun explained, "The Divine Performing Arts Company expanded very fast. Our shows have been warmly welcomed by audiences from all over the world, and we received so many invitations that we could not possibly meet them all, despite having increased the number of shows. We are establishing a third company now because two companies are not enough."

According to statistics, the Divine Performing Arts company toured more than thirty cities world-wide in 2007, with over eighty shows performed by only one company. In 2008, after the Splendor ends in New York Radio City, the Divine Performing Arts Company will again divide into two to travel to more than 50 cities in the Europe, Asia, Australia, performing more than 100 shows.

Ms. Zhang added, "The content of our show is from genuine orthodox five thousand years of Chinese culture. The Chinese culture is a divine culture, so that is exactly why our show can move people's hearts."

February 7, 2008