(Clearwisdom.net) In January 2008, local police officers arrested practitioner Mr. Jiang Linying Baoshan Sitang District and also raided his home.

After clarifying the truth of Falun Gong in 2001, Mr. Jiang Linying was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. He was persecuted very badly. Local police have harassed him since then, and as stated above, re-arrested him.

Practitioner Ms. Hu Yufang, 76 years old, lives in the Putuo District, Shanghai. Two years ago she openly announced her withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since then her life has not been easy. A CCP operative in the residential committee often comes to her home and threatens her. Her home was raided at the end of 2007. She was taken to the police station and threatened with further imprisonment.

Some other practitioners also were harassed. Seventy-three-year old Ms. Chen Ling was also unable to live a peaceful life. Persons from the residential committee often interrogated her, "Did you go out today? Did you go to his or her home?" Residential committee Party secretary Ji asked her, "Is Falun Gong good, or is the Chinese Communist Party good?" Ms. Chen Ling was held in a detention center five years ago, owing to her practicing Falun Gong. They handcuffed her, forced her to be photographed and provide her fingerprints. The mental torment she suffered was enormous. Her teeth all fell out and her hair turned white. Four generations in her family were affected. Her husband was frightened so badly that he could not eat anything. Her four-year-old old grandson got sick from fear of the police. Her neighbors said indignantly, "Such a nice lady was arrested and her home raided, just because of practicing Falun Gong!"

Until recently, the local police station and residential committee still dispatched people to watch the practitioners. Policemen Wang Xiaokun and Zheng Guofu even went to harass practitioners.