(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa a month before the 1995 Chinese New year. I work for the Hunqing Company as a wedding host and I am also a singer. I often host weddings and birthday celebrations and participate in various ceremonial activities. My job gives me many opportunities to clarify the facts and tell more people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations--and to sing the Dafa songs.

Once, during a dinner party of artists, we took turns giving personal performances. Some sang a song, others performed a piece of Chinese Opera, a few did a little acting and some wrote poetry and read it aloud. Everyone knows that I am Falun Gong practitioner. I sang a Dafa song, even though someone tried to stop me. People applauded heartily and I heard them say, "Good! Good! That is great!"

I often go to villages to host weddings. People who attend the ceremony are in a good mood after the festivities. They come over and chat with me, and I clarify the facts to them, one by one. Most people are willing to accept what I tell them and thank me for doing so.

Once, I was having a dinner with some people who were strong Buddhist believers. I regarded this gathering as a good opportunity for me to share Dafa. I told them the facts about Dafa, but they talked about their beliefs. I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors around us. Someone suggested that I sing a song. I was glad to accept and offered a song they had never heard called, "Awakening from the Dream,"

"Born into the world time and again, thousands of years,
For what possibly would one come so many times?
Fame and wealth--but wisps of smoke are these,
'Tis the heavens that govern life's vicissitudes...."

They liked the music and lyrics. My song reverberated throughout the whole restaurant. The waiters and waitress were listening; noises from other tables stopped while I was singing. A voice was heard from another room, "Please, sing another song!" The Buddhist seated close to me recorded the song on her cell phone and asked to learn it. She said she had never heard such a good song. I told her that it had to be good, because this was music from the Heavens. Suddenly, everyone at the table asked for the music. I promised to give each of them a Dafa CD the next day. I could tell this piece of music had deeply moved people.

Last October I went to City A to host a wedding for my fellow Dafa practitioners. At the ceremony I could feel Master's support and compassion, which affected everyone present. In the restaurant where the ceremony took place we played the Dafa music, "Pudu;" It was so compassionate and harmonious. During the ceremony the new couples extended their hands in the Heshi posture and thanked Master for his great compassion. We sang the Dafa songs, "To My Fellow Countrymen," The Blossoming of Udumbara Flowers," and "The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos," and everyone in restaurant could hear us. The waiters and waitresses applauded vigorously. At that moment, all practitioners acted together and talked about Dafa to the people who were nearby. Hosting another wedding for Dafa practitioners, I introduced the new couple with the following: "They come to this world to fulfill the vows that they made from long ago. They found each other among many hundreds of thousands of people. Now, they are holding hands and practicing Dafa cultivation together..." I saw many tears among the audience.

Our Dafa practitioners have used this format to spread traditional Chinese culture. I feel that Dafa practitioners are rectifying everything in the human world from many different angles.

Having done so many ceremonies and hearing much applause and praise, with the passage of time my desire for recognition and notoriety and boasting emerged. I enjoy praise. Talking about a person's desire for praise, Master said, "When others call him a qigong master, he will become delighted and very pleased. Isn't that an attachment?" (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun, 2000 translation version)

I was also fond of profit. Last year in May, in October and in the month before and after the Chinese New Year I was constantly busy hosting various ceremonies. Sometimes I would have several ceremonies per day.

Not long ago I went to a village in County B to host a wedding, and my righteous thoughts were very strong. I explained the facts and asked people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I had 100% success with those I talked to. I knew I was not there by chance and would have to let predestined people hear about Dafa. This village is far from the city. After lunch, the photographer and I had to catch a bus back to the city. The family who hosted the wedding had two people take us to the bus station on motorcycles. The weather was cold, but I still talked about the goodness of Dafa on the way and I did not feel cold under Master's protection. When we arrived at the bus station at 2:00 p.m. we were told the bus just had left and the next bus would be at 3:20 p.m.. I decided to wait for the next bus.

About the same time, a middle-aged woman arrived. I went over to say hi to her and asked her where she was headed. Her destination was in the opposite direction of ours. I asked if she'd heard about quitting the CCP in order to save one's life. She told me she had not. I had a chance to explain things to her. Finally, she gave me her real name and asked to withdraw from Communist Young Pioneers. We had just completed the conversation when her bus came, and we continued waiting for ours. Another woman arrived. I approached her the same way as I had first one. She would also travel in opposite direction from us. We had a similar conversation. She also left her real name and asked to withdraw from the CCP. She waved to me after she got on the bus. I told her to remember, "Falun Dafa is good!" She continued waving to us until the bus disappeared. I was grateful to provide those two people with an opportunity for salvation. I would never have had the chance to meet them had we not missed our bus. I knew that was Master's compassionate arrangement.

At 3:20 p.m. our bus was coming. We waved to the driver, and he stopped the bus. The driver asked where we were headed but decided not to take us. The bus left, and we did not know what we could do. There was no other bus for that day. It was getting dark on this cold winter day. What could we do now? At this moment a taxi driver approached us and offered to drop us at some place where we could catch the next bus back to the city. We happily got into the taxi and chatted with the diver all the way. The conversation covered the status of current society, where many people have difficulty making a living, the CCP's selfishness and corruption, and quitting the CCP and saving one's life. Finally, the driver made a beautiful choice for his life.

I truly realized this was Master's arrangement. The reason we missed the bus was to wait for those three people who have a predestined relationship. The photographer (also a Dafa practitioner) and I felt that even though we were late and experienced chills, we did what we should have done for Dafa, which made it all worth it. As long as we have the great desire in our minds to save people, Master will arrange people with predestined relationship to meet us.

All these are my individual experiences and understandings. If there is anything incorrect, please point them out. I will continue correcting myself.