(Clearwisdom.net) My job is very demanding and very tiring. Once I am home from work, I practice the exercises to energize my body. After doing the exercises, my body is relaxed and so is my mind, but I still feel weary and tired.

I realized that weariness and being tired are human mentalities. Soon after this realization, my weariness and tiredness disappeared, but my muscles were still sore. As a Dafa disciple having a Falun and the mechanisms of Falun Dafa, any negative body reaction should be restored to the normal state very quickly. The muscle pain is the result of an everyday person after doing excessive work. Since I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, the pain soon disappeared.

As a Dafa disciple, the human mentality must go because whether you have thought about it or not, you are an immortal. How can we finally achieve the goal to eliminate human mentality? The key to achieve this goal is by following the teachings of Master: Look inward. Unconditionally and firmly, look inside oneself.

Because we live in human society, we accept human mentality, concepts, and attachments, and adopt them as our own. There are so many problems in life but only when we look inside ourselves can we clearly recognize and remove them. The universe has a law of a very high standard and if the standard is not met, it is absolutely impossible for humans to rise in their levels of being.

Human mentality and concepts are formed under environmental conditions in society. Being part of a particular environment or condition, it is very easy to adopt these thoughts as your own. One can only clearly recognize and remove negative influences by thoroughly and unconditionally looking inside oneself. Some of these human mentalities and concepts are easier to get rid of than others. The less severe ones are easier to recognize and therefore easier to remove.

When the evil spirit of tiredness interfered with me, after I did the early morning exercises, I relaxed and lay down on my bed to sleep for a little while. After waking up I regretted having done this and made the resolution not to let it happen again. I realized that since we are sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight sharp, and doing exercises at 3:50 a.m., this means that less than four hours of sleep is sufficient. This is because Falun rotates clockwise to save oneself and is transforming us all the time. We need to thoroughly eliminate the concept of having to sleep so much, and truly walk the path of a god.

As Dafa disciples, only by unceasingly looking inside, firmly getting rid of human mentalities, and removing this shell of humanness, can we move towards the immortal and harmonize better as a whole,validate the Fa better, and do the three things better.