(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Xu Xiuzhi, and I am a resident of Baoding City, Hebei Province. On October 25, 2005, when I went to a truth clarification material production site, I was arrested by a police officer who was watching and tracking the location. I was detained at the Huayuanli Police Station. The director of the station is Cao Juguang. When I arrived at the police station, a policewoman searched me. I tried to refuse but they still confiscated my MP3 player that I had with me. They asked what my name was and I refused to answer. When night came, four to five policemen kept me from sleeping. To keep me from sleeping, they played loud sounds right next to my ear and forced me to stand. They wanted to take my picture but I didn't cooperate with them. They spent half a day trying but failed. Later, Cao Juguang took my photo secretly when he was talking on his cell phone. My righteous thoughts were not strong enough, because they were then able to recognize me via the Internet.

On the third day, Cao Juguang handcuffed me to a chair. He kept poking a key into my chin. He demanded to know where I lived and who I recognized. I refused to answer. Cao pushed the chair to the floor and I was then forced to kneel. Later, Cao put a plastic bag over my head and then sent me away to a remote place. The staff were all from the army, except for the two who interrogated me. They seemed to be from the security department. One of them blew smoke in my face. I decided to go on a hunger strike, so all they gave me was water. When I cried out, "Falun Dafa is good," someone struck my head and hit me with a flyswatter. Later I managed to escape with righteous thoughts and the guidance of Master.

They found my home and ransacked it. They took 1,000 yuan in cash, a MP3 player, a secondhand notebook and a wireless Internet adapter, two printers, staplers, a paper cutter, my residence document, one of Master's Fa photos, an incense burner, and a whole collection of Dafa books. The total value of my losses came to over 8,000 yuan.

On July, 7, 2007, I went to another practitioner's house. I was arrested by a policeman who was there to arrest the other practitioner. We were taken to the Hanbei Police Station. I did not tell the policeman my name. The policeman named Li Yi was moved when I clarified the truth to him. But he still hit my face when he lost his temper. I said to another policeman, "Please remember 'Falun Dafa is good.'" However, he hit my face as well. When night fell, I was not allowed to sleep again and once more I was forced to stand. I still did not cooperate with them, so they beat me some more. A relative of a fellow practitioner came to visit me. He got angry at the policeman on duty and wanted to beat him up. The policeman asked me who he was, but I did not tell. Later the director came back and asked me who the person (relative) was and where he lived. I replied that I did not want to tell them anything. Later they left me upstairs. A group of policemen surrounded me and started to beat me. I stopped them with my righteous thoughts, and they gave up finally. I later suffered a heart attack and was in a very serious state. The police from the Xinshi District Department then agreed to release me.

Originally I had 7,750 yuan in my handbag. When they grabbed my bag to count the cash there was suddenly only 5,550 yuan, 2,000 yuan less.