Antwerp, Belgium: Premiere of Chinese Spectacular Plays to Capacity Crowd, With Numerous European Government Officials in Attendance (Photos)

( Divine Performing Arts arrived Antwerp, Belgium after successful performances in Duisberg and Frankfurt, Germany, the Netherlands, and London. The DPA performances have drawn rave reviews and were attended by many European dignitaries, including European Union MP's.

Seoul National University President: This Show Has Profound and Lasting Impact and Significance

( Dr. Ahn Cheon, President of the Seoul National University of Education, and author of the book of The Force of Taiwan, watched the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular at Kyung Hee University on February 23, 2008. Dr. Ahn indicated that he felt the great influence and power of the show.

The United Kingdom: The Premiere of the Chinese Spectacular in London Acclaimed by Political Leaders

( The Chinese Spectacular in London attracted people from all walks of life, and over 8,000 tickets were sold out before its premiere. It also drew the attention of many political leaders.

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