(Clearwisdom.net) The 2008 Taiwan Lantern Festival combined culture and technology to help people celebrate a traditional holiday. The festival held in Tainan County had beautiful lanterns, astonishing fireworks, and performances representing 30 international groups. On February 23, the Divine Land Marching Band awed hundreds of thousands of visitors with its precision movements and stirring music.

The Divine Land Marching Band performed at the Taiwan 2008 Lantern Festival. Members wearing ancient Chinese costumes played Western instruments.

Spectators applauded the booming drums.

Crowds surrounded the main stage to see the band's performance in the rain.

There was a different show every evening during the festival. On February 23, although it rained slightly, a crowd was gathered around the main stage before the show started. The NTDTV Drum and Flag Troupe went first, followed by the Divine Land Marching Band. The 300 band members were in two kinds of ancient Chinese costumes and some held Western-style drums. Their appearance drew the attention of the spectators.

The NTDTV Drum and Flag Troupe.

The Divine Land Marching Band played "Falun Dafa Is Good" and many other musical selections. Their inspirational performance inspired people and won enthusiastic applause. Maidens in Tang Dynasty costumes gave out paper lotus flowers to the crowd.

The rain intensified during the performance, but it didn't discourage the Band members, and they still performed their precision marching at the festival. Their unified movements and hard work still attracted many people.

Dr. Chang Chuan-wang from Far East University worked at the service center with his students. Dr. Chang was very moved by the band's outstanding performance.

The Divine Land Marching Band was founded over two years ago in New York. On Chinese New Year's Eve, the band had its first ever Grand Parade in Flushing, New York, and attracted much attention. Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, and Europe have gradually begun to establish their own, local Divine Land Marching Bands. They have participated in many local activities and have received many proclamations around the world.