(Clearwisdom.net) The persecution of Falun Gong in China by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began on July 20, 1999, over eight years ago. The fact remains that Dafa disciples are still actively persecuted in some areas. As Dafa disciples, we should feel sorrowful and regretful when reexamining the current situation in light of all the persecution that Dafa disciples have suffered throughout the years. The persecution is actually a blasphemy which insults the cultivation process of every Dafa disciple. From the viewpoint of Dafa disciples, suffering from persecution is unnecessary.

Actually, Master told us the facts in his lectures. Dafa disciples could not be persecuted and no one should dare to persecute us. Whoever does persecute us will be destroyed. However, our enlightenment quality did not always follow the words of Master. Regarding the level of cultivation, Master taught us college level material, but we've been interested in elementary school teachings. After the persecution started, Master told us several times that we possess the capability to protect ourselves, and taught us how to use our divine powers. However, many practitioners still performed poorly under the persecutory pressure from the CCP.

We are now very clear about the relationship between Master and ourselves and the relationship among practitioners, and the purpose for our coming here. From the perspective of the Fa, the behaviors of the old forces are not allowed. However, because of our acceptance and acknowledgment, the old forces dared to unscrupulously persecute Dafa disciples and interfere with Fa-rectification. Actually, the fundamental reasons allowing the old forces to exist and behave wickedly are inside all disciples. Master told us a long time ago that our surrounding environments were the result of our own thoughts. While facing the slander and defamation from the evil forces, we should eliminate the misunderstandings that ordinary people have about Dafa. At the same time, we should stop the evil forces from poisoning sentient beings and actively clarify the truth to sentient beings, thus offering them salvation. We should eliminate all evil elements which interfere with our saving sentient beings. It's not because we're not compassionate, it's because the cultivation principles of Dafa don't allow the existence of unrighteous elements which interfere with saving sentient beings.

From the beginning of our cultivation, Master taught us how to reinforce our supernatural powers. However, during the past eight years, we just practice without really using these capabilities. We just use ordinary people's method to deal with the persecution and forget about our divine powers. Even after Master told us how to use them, we still could not use them practically or pay enough attention to their importance. As a result, the rectification of our cultivation environment has been difficult, arduous and slow. Isn't this indirectly helping the old forces destroy sentient beings? Master always wants us to become divine. However, we could not follow Master's request during the divine splendor. Master pushed us to the level where now the old evil forces are just small bugs in relation to us. Yet, we often think the evil forces are huge monsters. Isn't that thought totally contrary to Master's words?

In fact, the old forces are almost gone and a only small residual of them are still interfering in the Fa-rectification. With a swing of a hand, a Dafa cultivator could easily eliminate them all. Isn't their existence just for the sake of our consummation and for us to fulfill our sacred vows?

The mighty force of Fa-rectification will arrive soon. The time for sentient beings to be saved is dwindling. We should catch up with Master's requests, let go of all attachments, and use our divine cultivation powers to eliminate every road block, and save more sentient beings. In this way, we will be able to feel worthy of the title "Fa-rectification period Falun Dafa disciples."