(Clearwisdom.net) I'm 11 years old and a Falun Dafa practitioner. Several days ago, my mother and I studied Teacher's lectures related to sending forth righteous thoughts. She also told me many stories of demons being destroyed in other dimensions. Now, I truly understand the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts.

The next day, my mother and I sent forth righteous thoughts together at 12:00. At first, I couldn't stay calm, nor was I willing to close my eyes. As soon as I closed my eyes, cartoon characters appeared in front of me to distract me. Mom told me to close my eyes, try to purify my mind and ask Teacher to help me. I followed her advice and was able to achieve tranquility. I saw a snake and a cartoon character, trying to distract me. I created a shield and an ax and destroyed them. Afterwards, pink peach blossoms appeared in front of my eyes. After I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt that it was more meaningful than watching TV.

The second time I sent forth righteous thoughts with my mother, I saw many people who tried to help me. But I knew that they were just cartoon characters and they didn't really mean to help me. So I started to destroy the demons. But a door was closed and pushed me out very far. I tried to push open the door with my hands, but I could only open it a little bit, and it was closed again. I asked for Teacher's help and was able to open the door easily. It turned out that cartoon characters were trying to interfere with me. I created two energy walls and dissolved them. I flew up to a divine land and saw a Buddha Palace. There was a golden seat in the palace. I asked the Buddhas there whose seat this was. Somehow, I sat in the seat, and many Buddhas, Taos, and Gods bowed to me.

After destroying all the demons, I sat on a lotus flower and flew to a divine land. I saw some Buddhas wearing golden clothes. I gave each of them a copy of Zhuan Falun. They were so happy.

During the following days, I sent forth righteous thoughts every day with my mother. Every time it was a major battle between good and evil. Some demons were very tall so I had to change into a form that was taller than them. Sometimes I felt that I was as tall as several layers of heavens. Some demons were as small as ants. I then changed into a smaller form and grabbed them in my hands. I was able to destroy more and more demons each day. After we eliminated all the demons in one place, that place would change from a small and dark space into a spacious, bright and golden space. I felt that every day I was sitting on a lotus flower and eliminating demons layer by layer. After we finished cleaning up one layer, Buddhas, Taos, and Gods would come out to ask for Zhuan Falun. I also asked my mother to come to my dimensions to eradicate demons with me. As soon as I had the thought, she would come with a sword, wearing a fairy lady's costume. One time I asked for Mom's help again. After we fought with the demons for a while, she was about to be defeated. It turned out she almost fell asleep while sending forth righteous thoughts.

One night, my father and mother planned to go to a remote rural area to distribute truth-clarification materials. I wanted to go too, but mom said that since I had to go to school the next day, I should stay at home. At 6:00 p.m. that evening, all three of us sent forth righteous thoughts together. We added one righteous thought, to eliminate all evil factors in the area they were to visit. Soon after I achieved tranquility, I saw the three of us flying there. The sky in that area was covered with black bats. I put all of them in a cage, then drew a tower on top of the cage and put them into the Gate of No-Life. I also destroyed other demons on the ground. Then I saw the sky in that area turn clear.

One night at 9:00, I sent forth righteous thoughts toward the prison that jails practitioners. My Primordial Spirit went to the prison and found many practitioners there. They stretched out their hands to me and asked me to get them out of there. Then I saw a policemen beating a practitioner. I put the policeman into the Gate of No-Life. The practitioner shook my hand and asked me how I did it. I told him that my Primordial Spirit did it, and that if he continued to cultivate well he could also see his Primordial Spirit eradicating evil factors.

At that moment, a horse flew in from the sky and took the practitioner away. I then saw an older policemen beating another practitioner. Another horse flew in and took the policemen to the 18th level of hell. I used divine power to take all the practitioners out of the prison, and many of them rode away on horses.

After taking all practitioners out of the prison, my Primordial Spirit saw that four ghosts were trying to damage my physical body. They pulled my face several meters away from my body with their hands, and they were about to hit my temples. I wanted to use my supernormal abilities to stop them, but I was afraid I might hurt my physical body. So with tears in my eyes, I asked for Teacher's help. Immediately, a ray of bright light as high as the sky covered my body and expelled the ghosts. My face recovered. I knew that Teacher had saved me. I used my abilities to destroy the ghosts and sent them to the Gate of No-Life.

Now every day I send forth righteous thoughts with my parents. I'll do well in the future, too. I will eliminate more demons. I hope that every practitioner will value the power of sending forth righteous thoughts.